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How To Find A Perfect T-shirt For Your Body Shape?

Does a perfect t-shirt exist? T-shirts are a wardrobe essential for all women. Different women have different body shapes and sizes. All t-shirts are created differently for different bodies! To get a perfect t-shirt for your body shape you must know about your body first! Looking out for what best suits your body shape now becomes easier!

Today, I will share some helpful information about how a perfect tee will flatter your body shape and make you look stylish in ways you never thought of.

05 Types of T-shirts For Women Having Different Body Shapes?

T-shirts are the most comfortable outfit for all seasons! Women adore stylish-looking t-shirts for casual wear. Gildan G640L is among the popular tees today. Women cannot even imagine living without this ever-green garment. T-shirts go with every look, from formal to casual wear! You can style t-shirts in different styles to create looks for different events. It is essential to wear the right type of t-shirt which suits your body shape. Or else it will not work that great for you.

There are many different types of t-shirts for women that come in various patterns and styles. Gildan G640L is a softstyle ladies’ t-shirt. And favourite among different age groups. It is a perfect fit for different body shapes. In this article, we will help you browse for the right kind of fabric that suits your body shape. Let’s do it.

Five Major Body Types | T-shirts For Women

Triangle or Pear Body Shape –

If you own a pear body shape, create a balanced look for your body. Pear-shaped bodies are small from the top and rounded from the hips. To create an interesting look, pockets can be friendly for pears-shaped bodies. To widen the look of your shoulder, go for a boat neckline. Wear a portrait neckline for the same look! Draw attention to the upper body, and widens the looks of your collar bone. Add shoulder pads to seek more attention towards the upper body and shoulders.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape –

For an inverted triangle-shaped body, a V-neck or taped neck draws the attention down to the chest and makes your shoulders look broader. Create a balance between a wider chest and shoulders. How? Wear ¾ or go with long sleeves to get that flawless high-end look. You can achieve a flattering look if you avoid boxy fits, giving a more prominent look to the body. Gildan G640L tees are taped neck and are among women’s most popular, soft-fitted t-shirts.

Round, Apple or Diamond Body Shape –

If you are apple or rounded-shaped, make your goal to draw attention up from your waist. For an apple or diamond body shape, V-neck, sweetheart, square, or scoop are the best necklines. The best tops that flatter the look are the ones that are structured, short and have long sleeves. This look creates a perfect diamond body shape. Avoid crew neck t-shirts! Unfortunately, tees like Gildan G640L cannot make the best looks for you.

Rectangle or Straight Body Shape –

If you have a straight body, opt to divert attention to the curves! Tees with a curved hem and a banded waist give a glamorous look to your full straight body. The best neckline to wear on a straight body is a scoop, sweetheart and deep V-neck. If you want to create a look that makes your waist look smaller, go for a boat neckline. It will widen the look of your shoulders. To add a softer look to your straight figure, puffy, drapey or ruffled sleeves are the best go-to look! Get a more flattering look by adding quarter-length sleeves to your outfit. It will grab deadly attention at all-time.

Hourglass Body Shape –

If you are an hourglass-shaped woman, you are lucky! Hourglass-shaped bodies go perfect with every neckline. Wear a bottom hem, taped neck and rib-knit collar. It will enhance all the curves, widen the shoulders and do justice to your upper and lower body. If you are a slim fit, avoid hanging out in boxy or shapeless t-shirts. It will ruin your look! Don’t shop for shapeless tees. These types of tees hide your body shape. Browse for soft style and fitted tees. Gildan G640L outlines the contours of your body.


T-shirts are an essential staple for casual and formal wear! You can look amazing just by finding the perfect tee for your body shape! Look out for these secrets to look flawless and make your body more visible and attractive! Finding the perfect tee and creating fashionable looks is all that makes us crazy. Next time you buy a t-shirt, remember what you are looking for your perfect body.  

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