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How to Identify Negative Technique in Your SEO Strategy

All the SEO techniques that have negative impacts on the search engine ranking of a website are known as negative SEO techniques.

Its reason is that some people want to rank their website on the first page of Google just within hours. For this reason, they create lots of spammy links and they direct these links towards their website. As a result, Google can easily catch your website and Google imposes a penalty on this website.

Some other forms of negative SEO techniques are website hacking, distributing the content of your website at all the places on the internet, trying to rank your website against irrelevant keywords and creation of the fake profiles on the social media sites.

Here, experts of literature review dissertation example will discuss how to identify negative technique in your SEO strategy.

A Sudden Drop In Search Traffic


Search engines are known as the best and free ways to drive millions of free visitors to your website. To drive these visitors to your website, you will have to do SEO of your website.

After doing SEO of your website, if you are driving lots of traffic to your website, it means that you are following the legal SEO strategies. On the other hand, if you are observing a sudden decrease in your search engine traffic, it means that you are a victim of negative SEO strategy and you will have to improve your SEO techniques.

Penalty Notification From Google

As we know that Google is the most famous search engine in the world. Its reason is that Google tries to provide the best search results to the users.

That’s why Google is very vigilant and it can easily find the websites which are trying to get the best ranking in Google by following negative SEO techniques. After finding these websites, Google sends penalty notifications to these websites.

Google can send penalty notification to your website if your website is involved in keyword stuffing, getting lots of redirects from the spammy websites and content milling etc. Therefore, if you want to save your website from the penalty, you will have to stay away from these kinds of SEO techniques.

A Sudden Drop In Keyword Ranking:

No doubt, if you are experiencing a sudden drop in the search traffic, it means that your keyword ranking will also be dropped.

Anyhow, there are various online tools like Ahrefs and Link Research Tool that provide you with an opportunity to track the ranking of your keywords.

After tracking the ranking of keywords, if you come to know that ranking of your keywords is dropped, it means that your website is also committed in negative SEO strategy.

A Sudden Drop In Your Website Speed:

If you are also experiencing a drop in the speed of your website, it also means that your website is committed to negative SEO. To know the speed of your website, you can use the Google Page Speed Insight tool.

It is the best tool to test the speed of your website and to identify the issues that are affecting the performance of your website. When you check the speed of your website by using this tool, you can also identify the issues that are affecting the speed of your website.

By resolving these issues, it will be easy for you to increase the speed of your website.

Fake Link Removal Requests:

If you are getting notifications to remove fake link removal requests, it also means that it is a red flag for your website and you are following negative SEO technique.

Usually, this kind of problem occurs when you are creating links on the reputable websites which are not relevant to your niche. Therefore, if you want to save your website from this kind of warning, you should try to create links on those websites only which are relevant to your niche.

Now, a question comes to the minds of the website owners that how they can save their websites from these kinds of negative SEO techniques. For this reason, they have to follow some essential techniques.

First, they should perform regular link audits. Secondly, they should set up the notifications from the webmaster tools. Thirdly, you should check the speed of your website regularly.

Fourthly, you should analyze the ranking of your best-performing keywords. Fifthly, there is a possibility that your competitors try to decrease the ranking of your website by using some tricks.

Therefore, you should also try to protect your website from the attack of your competitors. At last, Google hates content scraping and you should avoid content scraping on your website.

Harry Randall

Harry Randall is a professional Sales Strategy & Management Expert from Derbyshire. He has completed his MBA from the Birkbeck, University of London. Harry is currently living in the UK and working as a Marketing specialist and Content Creator at dissertation writing services and is also a Freelance Marketing Strategist. His current freelance role allows him to showcase his expertise to multinational firms. He is an avid reader, and he is running marketing campaigns for local and international retail chains in UK.

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