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How To Increase The Likelihood That The Car Will Pass Its Mot

Poor car maintenance causes a lot of MOT failures. One might prevent an MOT failure, retest, and probable unneeded money. by doing the below-listed tests. Additionally, the advice provided here may help one to pass. the car’s MOT Test Northampton the first time. Sparing one the time and hassle of having to fix small faults and schedule a re-test.

Carrying out these inspections ahead of the MOT thus may assist the car pass the test:

A seat and a seatbelt:

It should be possible to shift the driver’s seat backwards and forwards. And it should be adjustable. All seatbelts should function as designed. Including any located in the centre of the back of the car. Make sure there is no harm by stretching them out completely. Additionally, see if they respond as predicted while being getting pulled firmly.

Lighting devices:

Verify the functionality of each of the signals and lights. Indicators, brake lights, warning lights, sidelights, and headlights should all be thus included. If one is driving alone, checking the brake lights might be a bit challenging. But one can do it by using the brakes. While one reverses up to a wall or flat surface. One need should be able to see whether the brake lights activate or deactivate. When one is close to a wall in the rearview mirror. Changing certain bulbs might be challenging. But the majority of them can be over without any technical expertise.

Number Plate:

The number plate should be thus checked for a few items. A normal British licence plate should be the priority. The letters and numerals should be thus shown in the proper typeface. and with the appropriate letter spacing. Second, give the licence plate a quick wipe to make sure it’s clean and legible. Third, check that any lights or bulbs are getting used. to encircle the licence plates in good working order.


The least tread depth of 1.6 millimetres is thus required by law. But anything less than 3 millimetres might impair how well the car handles. Ensure thus at the tyres are in good condition. Inspect the tyres’ sidewalls as well to make sure they are not damaged. Since this might also result in an MOT failure.

Windows Wipers:

An MOT failure might result from wipers that do not adequately remove water. From the screen or that leaves streaks and/or lines on the area that was getting cleaned. If one suspects that the wipers might not be operating as efficiently as they should be before a test. It is relatively simple to change them.


Verify that the windscreen is in good condition. Failure results from any damage to the windscreen that is greater than 40mm in any location. The wipers’ coverage area will also fail if there is damage of more than 10 mm. If one discovers any damage to the windshield. Check the insurance policy and have it fixed as soon as. Windscreen damage is often covered by auto insurance coverage. Especially in the cold, if one waits, it can grow worse. Even with insurance policy windscreen coverage. one might need to repair the windscreen if the cracks get too large. This can be more expensive.

Washing liquid and washing jets:

Contrary to popular belief, a deficiency of washer fluid is a common cause of failure. Following testing, the washer jets ought to function. There should be enough fluid and no blockages in the jets. It will receive an MOT failure if any of the jets are thus broken or if the washer fluid is low.

Fluid Levels:

Before an MOT, check the fluid levels in all the vehicles. Oil, gasoline, coolant, and washer fluid should all be thus checked. Even though some of these might not constitute failures on their own. The testing facility may deny a test if the necessary levels are not present to perform an MOT.


The horn is a critical safety component of the car and is getting examined as part of an MOT. If one presses the horn, it will be clear if it is working or not.

Lights That Warn:

If something is wrong with a modern automobile, they usually inform one. A failed MOT may result from certain dashboard warning lights. Such as the airbag malfunction warning light. Check them out.

Many issues that these inspections and Car Service Northampton reveal. can be getting resolved with only a basic understanding of mechanics. Yet, before the MOT, let the garage know if there is anything that one is unsure about fixing. They can do the task before the test, sparing one the trouble of needing. to get those minor issues resolved before taking the test again.

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