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How To Learn French in India- A Complete Guide For Beginners

French, one of the most beautiful languages in the world, is spoken in every nation. For a variety of reasons, people in India are enrolling in French lessons or using other online tools to study the language. French is a difficult language to fully master, but with consistent practice, one can quickly reach a passable level of communication.

We aim to give you our top suggestions for learning French quickly in this area. Naturally, there are no straightforward methods. And keep in mind that learning to speak French fluently requires intense concentration.

Why Study French?

More than 300 million people speak French across the five continents. A multinational alliance of French-speaking countries is known as the OIF. It comprises 88 member governments and States. The second most common foreign language after English, French is the fifth most spoken language in the world. French is the only other language except for English that is taught in every country on earth. At the greatest international network of cultural institutions, which is run by France, about a million students attend French language classes or French language courses.

If you want to learn advanced French then we would suggest the best French institute in Mumbai, French institute in Andheri, or French institute in Dadar.

The following are some additional benefits of studying French:

  • French is the language of love;
  • It is the ideal travel companion;
  • It will help you grasp the rich history and culture of France;
  • You can watch web series on Netflix;
  • It will improve your professional possibilities;

Start With The Sounds

The French and English alphabets are almost identical, with the exception of the use of ligatures and diacritical (superscript) signs (letters formed by joining graphemes). All things considered, these letters do not correspond to any English sounds.

Therefore, when you begin learning French independently, focus more on the sounds than the letters.

In French, there are 23 consonant sounds and 16 vowels. Enrolling in online French language courses in Mumbai from the best French Institute in Mumbai is a great idea if you want to learn how to express yourself properly. All of your mistakes will be pointed out, and they’ll give you some great tips on how to study properly.

Best Ways To Learn French-

As much as you can, incorporate French into your life. Here are some additional items you can find nearby.

  1. Books

Reading novels can be a huge help in developing fluency in French. If you’re serious about studying French, you must read works of literature or novels in the Spanish language.

  1. Audio

Through audio, French can be learned in a fun and interesting way. French podcasts can be listened to wherever you are, including at work, the gym, and during lunch.

  1. Movies

Watching films, TV episodes, and online series in French with subtitles is one of the finest ways to develop your brain and voice. You will pick up new vocabulary and idioms, and you will be able to follow along with the actors as they speak while comprehending their accents.

  1. Online/Offline French Courses

One of the best ways to master the language of love is through this. There are several advantages to learning French with a mentor because you can get all of your questions answered anywhere, at any time. Learn French through French courses or French classes to get the most out of the language.


The greatest way to learn French is to speak it regularly. Your language skills will advance if you speak French whenever you can. Learning Spanish will be very beneficial to you in both your personal and professional lives. Consider all of the tips offered above when learning basic French. To quickly learn the basics of the language, you can also sign up for online French language classes in Mumbai or French language courses in Mumbai.

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