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How To Take Care Of Your Vaginal Health?

Eye care, heart health, skincare, haircare, gut health, detox, and so on, and discussions on keeping these organs fit and fine are rife. However, many people still discuss vaginal health in hushed tones or only with their gynecologist. Well! It is where the problem begins. Your vagina deserves as much care as any other body part. However, the taboo around open discussions on vaginal health care and half-baked information make many women suffer in silence or seek medical advice only when a health issue really worsens. Do not let that person be you.

Here are a few vaginal care tips you should follow.

1.     Stop douching

Using a stream of water to clean your vagina will leave you itchy and red down there. Douching disturbs the biome and pH levels of the vagina, leaving you vulnerable to yeast infection. But then, how do you keep the vagina clean? Well! The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. All you need to do is wash it with mild and non-scented soap and water. It will help get rid of the odor and smegma.

2.     Avoid tight undies

Breathable fabrics like cotton are vagina-friendly. It absorbs sweat and dries quickly, limiting the moisture that leads to bacterial growth. Also, do not wear undies that stifle your vagina. Instead, choose snug underwear but not so tight that it leaves an imprint on your lower body. Wet and tight undies may cause bacterial infection, so change out of wet clothing as early as possible. Last, wear a clean underwear daily. The discharge and moisture from sweat and peeing build up on the underwear, making it a perfect breeding ground for yeast, bacteria, and fungi.

  1. Skip hair removal

Vaginas were not meant to be hairless and silky smooth. Mother Nature gave human beings a pubic cover to protect them from unwanted particles and friction during intimacy with their partner. However, long pubic hair may trap dust and cause odor.

They also put you at the risk of furuncles, boils that develop because of the infection of the hair follicle. That’s not all; they set a perfect stage for “ouch” moments when a hair gets pulled while removing bottoms. It is a good idea to trim pubic hair instead of removing them completely to avoid these issues. That way, you can keep the natural protective cover for your vagina while preventing possible pubic hair-related problems.

Things to keep in mind:

Trimming also prevents ingrown hair and cuts, two common after-effects of shaving or waxing. If you prefer going hairless, use hypoallergenic shaving creams to prevent irritation.

Some women also use depilatory creams to remove pubic hair. However, they may cause skin darkening in some cases. So, do a patch test before applying the cream to the vaginal area.

  1. Take a post-sex leak

Urinating after being intimate with your partner is unnecessary, but it may help prevent a urinary tract infection (UTI) by flushing bacteria out of the urethra. However, peeing after sex is no protection against pregnancy or STIs.

  1. Take steps to prevent yeast infection

Besides douching, a vaginal yeast infection has several causes, including hormonal fluctuations, diabetes, antibiotics, pregnancy, etc. In all cases, the primary reason (no prize for guessing!) is a disturbed vaginal flora.

Many women experience vaginal yeast infections before periods because of increased estrogen levels.

If you are one of them, use a reliable health and wellness app to track your premenstrual symptoms. Vaginal itchiness, redness, and swelling every other month indicate candidal vulvovaginitis, which may need medical attention.

Similarly, if you have uncontrolled diabetes, measures to maintain healthy sugar levels are necessary to prevent frequent vaginal yeast infections. Whatever be the reason, recurrent yeast infection is discomforting and hurts the vagina. Therefore, identify its causes and work on eliminating them.

A healthy vagina is a hallmark of complete health. It makes you fresh, enhances your intimate life, and helps avoid discomfort and embarrassing moments.

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