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How to Unclog a Floor Drain Using a Strainer

The floor drain strainer is one of the most important tools you can have in your toolkit to clear clogged drains. This inexpensive piece of hardware can be very effective at clearing out anything from hair to tree roots and even coins that get accidentally dropped down the drain, and it can do so without causing any damage to the pipe itself. Below we’ll take an in-depth look at how this tool works, what types are available, and how you can use one to unclog your floor drain and keep your pipes in good working order.

Clogged kitchen sink drain

A kitchen sink can fill up with water pretty quickly. If there’s not a strainer on the drain, water will simply back up and pour out over the edge of the sink. This is particularly problematic when it comes to draining food items like pasta or potatoes that can clump together in large masses and block the drain entirely. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can avoid this problem altogether by installing a floor drain strainer before it happens. 

You’ll need: -a small container (to collect any falling objects) -a large bucket for catching water flowing into the pan (if needed) -A one-hole rubber stopper or golvbrunnssil mässing 

  1. Remove overflow plate and clean it if necessary

Clogged bathroom sink drain

Clogged bathroom sink drain

The drainage pipe under the sink is usually connected at the end and fits into a floor drain. However, if you have noticed that the water in your sink or tub is draining slowly then it is likely that there is something obstructing the pipe. A quick fix for this problem would be to use a strainer from your kitchen faucet and remove any balled up food or hair clogs. You may also need to turn off the water supply underneath your sink if you are having difficulty with this issue as well. The floor avloppssil brass can be used in an emergency but will need to be braced in place and tightened with any available tools.

Clogged shower drain

Sometimes, clogged drains are not caused by hair, but rather by other objects. A sewer drain will likely have a floor strainer on the pipe from the house that leads into the sewer line. The strainer may have become clogged with test balls or twist plugs or pressure plugs can be installed to seal floor drains but will not let water flow in either direction. If plugs are not available, a flexible rubber ball that is just larger than the pipe diameter can be used in an emergency but will need to be braced in place.

Tips for preventing clogs

Many clogs in the floor drain are avoidable. To help prevent clogs from occurring, always: • Turn off water supply at the main valve before attempting to clean floor drains and avoid using harsh chemicals or grease-cutting detergents on the inside surface of pipes. • Use strainers on all sink and toilet drains that discharge into floor drains. Brass strainer is preferred as it will not corrode. • If a strainer is not available, use a flexible rubber ball that is just larger than the pipe diameter but will need.

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