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How To Use CHATGPT On Android & iPhone – Step By Step Guide

It is beyond question that ChatGPT and AI have changed our lives. They have even beaten Google to the punch.

The most convenient way to use it is on your phone. Step-by-step instructions on how to download the Android or iPhone app are provided. You won’t stop using it.

How to use ChatGPT on mobile?

ChatGPT is now available on smartphones as well as computers. You can carry it anywhere. Today we’ll tell you how to download the app on your iPhone or Android.

Create a shortcut in your browser to the chatbot to make it easier to download. You can download the chatbot from any browser, whether it’s Google Chrome, Safari, or another.

This super-useful feature is available to all apps. Don’t worry if you find an app that does not appear in Google Play but does in the App Store. This trick will transform your life.

Download ChatGPT for Android

You can create a shortcut for ChatGPT on your Android phone. It’s as easy to access it now as an app. Enter using Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.

You won’t need to type in Google each time you log in. You will save a great deal of time. You’ll feel as though you have the app installed.

ChatGPT OpenAI currently does not have a dedicated application. However, you can still access it from your main mobile screen. Whether you choose the free or paid version of ChatGPT (ChatGPT Plus) doesn’t matter. It’s easy to use. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Visit the official ChatGPT website.
  • Open Google and Type “ChatGPT” or go directly to the official website for ChatGPT Open IA.
  • Add to the home screen. Click on “Add to Home Screen” when you are inside. You can change the name of the app. It is best to keep the original name so it’s easier to find.
  • When you are ready, click “And now”! ChatGPT will appear on your home screen with all the other apps you’ve downloaded from Google Play. Simple and free at the top. Even its official icon will be visible. You will no longer have to enter Google 1,000 times or save it in your favorites. Full-speed access!
  • ChatGPT will appear on your desktop every time you switch on the mobile. It has all the functions of a computer app, but it can be accessed automatically from your phone.

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How to Delete ChatGPT App on Android Mobile Phones?

To delete an app, click the icon, then select “Delete.” The same as any other app. You must go through the whole process again if you wish to reinstall. It takes up less space than an application from Google Play.

ChatGPT will likely launch with a much more comprehensive app than the desktop version. We hope to see it soon.

Download ChatGPT for iPhone

GPT Chat has been available for iOS users for some time. The app is free and does the same thing as the web-based version. At the moment, we haven’t noticed any strange things or slowdowns.

  • As we explained above, you can use the same trick to access ChatGPT for iPhone and iPad. Enter the ChatGPT site from Safari, Google or directly by clicking the URL
  • Add the page to your Home Screen. You will notice that it is the same as Android. Click on the three dots at the top right corner and select “Add to Home Screen.”
  • We also recommend that you use the app’s original name when renaming it so that you can find it more quickly on your phone.
  • It’s that simple! You can now access the ChatGPT application on your mobile desktop. You can move the app alphabetically, within another app’s folder, or wherever else.

Deleting ChatGPT on iPhone & iPad Devices

Click on the app and then click “Delete” to delete it. Since it’s not an official app, it will take up less space on your iPhone than other apps.

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ChatGPT Alternative Applications for Mobile

If you want to download an alternative app to ChatGPT, then we suggest these:


Genie is a chatbot powered by ChatGPT. GPT-4, GPT-3. This app allows you to write social media posts, including stories, songs, and poems. If you have any doubts or needs, Genie solves them for you.


NexBot is the AI-based writing assistant that over 50,000 users choose. This app lets you quickly create engaging, high-quality content for emails, blog posts, social media and more.


ParagraphAI, an artificially intelligent writing assistant, is used by more than 100,000 people. ChatGPT is the engine behind it, built by OpenAI engineers. The multilingual keyboard, which uses GPT AI technology, ensures high quality and productivity.

Some are easier to use, even though they all look the same. You will, of course, have to deal with a few advertisements within these apps. We recommend that you download apps directly from your browser without any complications. Enjoy it!

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has been the subject of much discussion in recent months. However, many people are still unclear about what it is or does. It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model of linguistics processing or a large language model. This AI model manifests as a chatbot. It is a chat staffed by AI, similar to the ones companies use on their web pages to assist customers.

What is the purpose of ChatGPT?

This system, developed by Open AI and backed by Microsoft, allows conversations to occur through written text. It is much more natural than any other artificial intelligence-assisted chat.

It can also learn from the conversations that it has with users. In the case of GPT-3.5, this huge database contains more than 175 million parameters.

Why is ChatGpt Required?

ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can be used in the workplace for productivity and to improve our daily lives.

Here is a list that includes the most important ones.

Generate content

ChatGPT, as a conversational bot, can produce excellent quality texts (articles and summaries). It’s perfect for when you run out of ideas like you want to generate the content related to latest govt jobs and private sector job description based on full and part time job roles.

Do Market Research

ChatGPT is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs and freelancers seeking market research. It is a fundamental step in launching a business, but it can be arduous for the uninitiated.

ChatGPT is a great tool for gathering ideas to help develop new businesses or improve features of new services or applications.

Improve a website

ChatGPT analyzes a website or e-commerce site and gives us clues on how to improve it. This application of AI could be extremely useful for freelancers and small businesses.

Program code

ChatGPT can write code and optimize it. It is, therefore, a great application of artificial intelligence for those with little or no knowledge of a particular language. 

Serve the customer

ChatGPT’s most obvious application is to have conversations with customers that are more “human.” If we implement it on our website, it can solve customer doubts and offer recommendations and personalized experiences to customers.

What are the ChatGPT drawbacks?

There are no bugs that you should be concerned about, but it’s worth knowing how reliable ChatGPT can be for you. We will now discuss AI’s limitations so you can make the most of this program.

OpenAI’s influence on content and data handling by ChatGPT applications is evident. The responses generated by this tool regularly may not be as convincing as you would like.

Many details will be rectified with the release of updates. For example, the recent events. It seems to have a difficult time keeping up with the daily news.

Sometimes the answers provided by ChatGPT don’t match reality. This is called the “Hallucination phenomenon.”

Artificial intelligence can and should improve several aspects for a more comprehensive service. But, there have been giant strides made in the app programming field.

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