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How to Use Instagram for Content Marketing

Instagram is an incredible social platform filled with pictures, videos and stories of millions of human beings. Why not use this to grow your business? Many brands like Nike, Spotify, Bumble, and Netflix have wonderful Instagram feeds that impress their existing customers and attract potential audiences. But to do that for your business, you need to create a content strategy that will help you in connecting with your target audience and also build a strong brand image.

Whizamet, The Best Instagram Marketing Agency in London can help you with creating an effective strategy for your Instagram.

In this blog, you will read about content marketing tips that will level up your Instagram feed.

Display of your product/service

What is the purpose of your business? What are you offering to your customers? People will follow you if they know what you do and your product will help them. Adding this to your content planner can give you a better start. You can also give a tutorial video on how to use it in multiple ways.

Storytelling can be beneficial

You can always tell a story through pictures & videos. It is a great way to connect with your audience. Stories can make them educate about your product or be entertaining. Many brands use storytelling and have gained a huge user base. For example, Dove reflects the idea of self-love and comes up with multiple stories in every ad campaign.

Utilize the user-generated content

Most people who have used your product. Social proof is the most trusted way to show the authenticity of your brand. To use it wisely, give people a chance to be on your stories. Make a brand hashtag and ask people to use it when they post anything related to your brand.

Play with Instagram Stickers

Instagram gives you a lot of options for showing your creativity & engage with your audience. You can add music, and gifs, ask questions and generate an opinion poll.

Go live

You can do live streaming on Instagram and engage with your audience. It is the most effective way to gain followers and build trust among your viewers. You can go live with other users, or show behind the scenes, hold a question-answer session and so on.

Give your customers something extra

Whether it is a free giveaway or regular discount on products, if you are giving something extra to your customers, they will stay and could even promote your brand to their friends.

Post customer testimonials

Are your customers happy with your product? Post their reviews on your feed. People depend on customers’ experiences and positive reviews. If you receive cheerful customer reviews, use them for Instagram marketing. Not only can it improve brand loyalty and trust, but it can also reduce customer doubts.

If you are looking for someone who can help you in growing your Instagram, you can reach out to Whizamet. They are known as the Best Instagram Marketing Agency in London. With a decade of experience in digital marketing, this agency has helped several brands in building their future online.

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