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How to Use Verbatim Transcription to Speak Succinctly?

Whether one is gearing up for a huge public speaking event or wishes to communicate more efficiently, speaking concisely is a significant skill. Even the most experienced speakers are not aware of their verbal pitfalls. Recording speeches and presentations and then transcribing verbatim is perhaps the easiest way to use words wisely.

Reading and annotating unedited transcripts help one know the filler words, patterns, and various interruptions that were perhaps stopping them from speaking concisely. Then, they can edit the speech, with an enhanced concentration on brief writing, the number of words, and the most crucial words to express.

Why is Speaking Concisely Essential?

Informal chatter may make for amazing conversation but does not contribute to professional speaking. The audience’s time is precious. They want the message conveyed to them clearly within a short period. Tangents and jargon redundancies bury the key messages and create a distraction.

Business Meetings

Professionals offering audio transcription services in Australia said communication is best when working with teammates and external clients. When speaking in front of a crowd, please try leaning on bullet points or delineating the phrases that require emphasis. This keeps the message organised.

Public Speeches

When giving a speech, one generally has a set amount of time, so speaking concisely is most important. Filler words and pauses eat up seconds that add up to minutes before one knows it.

According to the best communications public speaking & executive coach, filler words also alleviate authority and confidence, which can optimize delivery, according to the best communications public speaking & executive coach.

Job Interviews

Recruiting agencies value candidates who can speak concisely. Not only does it project self-assurance and focus, but it is also a skill that can benefit the members in business communications and the entire company in events requiring public speaking.

What are the Most Common Speech Downsides?

At the beginning of the write-up, even the best speakers experience verbal pitfalls. Filler words, pauses, and false starts are an integral part of daily conversation, but they are disturbing and disruptive when one is working on fluent, concise speech.


Pauses are sounds and syllables like ‘um’, ‘uh’, and ‘er’.

Filler Words

Filler words add zero value. For instance, ‘actually’, ‘literally’, ‘basically’, etc. Another example – phrases with empty connotations like ‘you know, ‘I mean, ‘as previously mentioned, etc.

False Starts

False happens when one starts a sentence but makes a mistake and pauses abruptly. They wind up returning, starting again, and upsetting the flow.

Can Transcription Improve Succinctness?

The professionals offering audio transcription services in Australia said verbatim transcription includes everything – false starts, filler words, and nonverbal communication. Based on the audio quality and one’s specific requirements, one may go for automatic speech-to-text transcription or an audio transcription. This is an effective and affordable way to spot bad habits. Identifying those will let one see where to exert efforts to become a concise speaker.

Record, read, transcribe, and rewrite as many times as possible to mould the speech in a desirable shape. By repeating the steps and with enough practice, speaking concisely comes naturally, and one can impress the audience hassle-free.

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