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How To Wear Brogues Shoes: The 5 Rules

The brogue, which was first created as an Irish working shoe, has developed into a flexible type of leather shoe that goes well with a variety of casual, professional, and formal outfits. This is because different toe caps, heel caps, lace panels, and decorative “broguing” holes can be used in brogue designs.

But with so many options of brogue leather shoes, it can be challenging to choose which brogues to wear to various social and formal occasions. Therefore, we’ll outline our top five rules for wearing brogues in this post, no matter the occasion.

The History of Brogues

Modern brogues were first made in Scotland and Ireland from untanned skin that had tiny holes punched into it. When the wearer was walking on damp ground, the perforations were designed to operate. And let water drain through the leather shoes. The style has since evolved, and the holes now mostly function as decorative components. In fact, brogue leather shoes are distinguished by this patterned ornamentation.

Type of Brogues

There are two types of Brogues: the open-laced Derby and the closed-laced Oxford shoes men. Another way to classify brogue leather shoes is according to the many perforations they have. Among the varieties are the full (wingtip), half, and quarter brogues.

How to wear Brogue Leather Shoes?

Rule #1

Quarter brogues are suggested while wearing a suit and brogues for a formal function. These specific brogue leather shoes have a cap toe with ornamental serrations and perforations called “broguing” along the cap’s edge. These understated, chic accents will heighten the formality of your dress without drawing attention to themselves ornate decorations.

Rule #2

Choose single-toned brogue leather shoes rather than suede, scotch grain, or other more casual leathers when wearing them with a work suit. A supple, one-tone leather will highlight the broguing and highlight the elegant fit of your suit.

Rule #3

The best leather shoes to pair with informal clothing like tweed and rural textiles are full brogues. These full brogues, also known as “wingtips,” have a pointed toe cap with extension wings that extend down both sides of the toe, giving them the traditional “W” form.

Rule #4

Avoid brightly colored brogue leather shoes while attending a formal occasion and instead choose timeless hues like brown and black or even navy and dark green. Alternatively, you can select from a wide choice of colors and materials if you plan to wear your brogue leather shoes with casual clothing.

Rule #5

Brogue leather shoes are appropriate for a wide range of different formal and casual settings, but you shouldn’t wear them to black tie affairs. Black ghillie brogue leather shoes are the lone exception, as they can be worn with formal Scottish attire for weddings and other formal occasions.

Concluding Remarks

Any man should own a nice pair of brogues. In formal and semi-formal dress, brogues are a must-have.

Choose the style you desire now that you are fully aware of the rules for wearing brogues. We suggest investing in a pair of Barker brogue leather shoes.

Some of the best brogues are made by Barker shoes. The daily variety from Barker Shoes, an English shoe maker that has always specialized in leather shoes, will last a lifetime.

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