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Important Steps That May Help You When Your Car is Stolen?

Everyone is excited about their brand-new car. Our automobiles are our greatest joy. We can take them out to enjoy a relaxing drive, invite our acquaintances and family members to take an excursion in our vehicles, or drive them to work each day, and our cars are our joy.

But, often, this feeling of joy is stolen from us. Yes, we’re talking about the horrible experience of theft from your car. We’ve heard about it happening all around us, and we tend to avoid it. If you take care of your possessions, an ominous situation will never happen. However, as they say, make the best of it, but be prepared for the worst.

It’s nearly impossible to recuperate from the losses. A car insurance policy can certainly help in reducing financial losses. It is not a guarantee that you will always be able to return to us. However, we must remain positive and be praying for the return. These steps will assist you in staying at peace and focused and aid in speeding the investigation process. Reminding the officers in charge of the type of your car’s number plate is important, e.g. 4d number plates.

Here are some actions you need to take if your vehicle was taken:

Step 1: Contact the Police Immediately

After you’ve calmed yourself and let the overwhelming feelings go off, you must contact the police. What they’ll ask you is:

  • The model, make, colour, and year the vehicle was bought.
  • Are there any distinctive characteristics of the car that make it distinctive?
  • VIN (Verification Identification Number).
  • Is there any information about the GPS or other tracking devices?
  • When and when did you last have a look at your vehicle?

Step 2: Call the Insurance Company for Your Vehicle

It is necessary to file an insurance claim if you discover that your vehicle was stolen or as soon after filing the police report. The question they’ll ask you is:

  • A duplicate of your insurance documents.
  • The forms for your insurance claim.
  • Original copy of the police report you submitted.
  • A photocopy of your driver’s license.
  • A listing with descriptions of the most valuable items you’ve left in your vehicle. Like, for example, your mobile laptop, computer, or all other electronics, clothing or accessories, exercise equipment, textbooks, and tools of all kinds.
  • It is also possible to provide all original keys to your car.
  • If your vehicle cannot be traced, you’ll get a “no-track” investigation from the police. It must also be presented to the insurance company for claims.

Step 3: Prepare Your Mind for the Possibility That Your Vehicle Won’t Be Able To Return to You

About 50% of stolen cars are returned to the owners. The majority of the time, the vehicle is taken for its components. The stolen car is dismantled when it is brought to the store and traded for various parts, rendering it in a position never to find it again.

If you do receive your car back, a few of the main components may be missing, or the vehicle may be damaged.

Step 4: Examine Your Car To See if It Was Returned to You

If you’re lucky, you could get your car back, and it’s legal to use. If this happens, it is recommended to ensure that you thoroughly inspect your car before starting to use it again.

Use gloves made of rubber when you examine the car. Make use of a flashlight for a thorough inspection—of every inch of the vehicle to identify items that do not belong to you. If you find something, report it to the police immediately. Do not be involved in anything which could be illegal and result in you being arrested or hurt.

Step 5: Ensure That You Make Sure That This Doesn’t Happen Again

Even if you decide to purchase a brand-new car or find the vehicle you lost, you must safeguard your vehicle the best way you can.

  • First, park it away from the location where it was stolen.
  • Check that all windows are shut and your doors remain locked after you have left the vehicle.
  • Keep your keys safe in a location.
  • You can also add more anti-theft devices, such as the GPS monitoring system and the alarm device.

In addition to the cost of your car insurance, you could also get an extra discount on theft.

Step 6: File a Report With the Police

When you discover that your car could have been taken, It is crucial to make a formal report to the police. You can report a crime by calling the local department’s non-emergency phone number. Certain police departments offer an online portal for crime reporting.

Quickly reporting the theft may start the ball rolling for other procedures, like the insurance company opening claims. Your insurance provider may not be able to assist you until the incident is reported to the police.

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