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Informative Guide To On-Demand App Like Gojek Development

Starting with all-in-one services mobile app development? Then you must read this brief guide about the Gojek Clone app. The Gojek-like application development is daunting. However, the results are impeccable. The entrepreneurs only need to invest a few dollars into the solution that will make them a millionaire in no time!

Let’s get to know the on-demand multi-service app better.

What Is an On-demand App like Gojek?

An on-demand application allows the customers to book a service of their choice anytime and anywhere they want to. In short, whenever a customer “demands” the services, the application provides them! Well, that is the whole point of being on-demand. But what about the Gojek-like characteristics?

A multi-service app like Gojek consists of multiple services and features. Let’s look at the most popular services and features of the app.

Popular services 

The most popular services of the Gojek Clone app are:

  • Online video consultation
  • Online taxi ride-booking service
  • Bid for handyman services
  • On-demand services
  • On-demand delivery services
  • Courier delivery
  • Delivery Genie and Delivery Runner

Popular app features

Here is a list of popular features that you must integrate into your app:

  • Smart login with biometric scanning
  • Video calling option
  • VOIP-based call masking and in-app texting
  • Advanced search option
  • Voice note instructions
  • OTP verification to begin the task

These are only a handful of services and features. There is a lot more to explore on the Gojek Clone app!

How To Build The On-Demand Multi-Service App

Here are the 5-steps to launch the on-demand application!

Step 1: Try the demo application!

Take the demo app trial for as long as you want to test the app in-depth! Ensure that the application is available for free! Jot down the customizations you want in your application while taking the trial.

Step 2: Speak with the Project Manager

Once you speak with the Project Manager, things will become much clear. You can tell about your customization needs to the manager as they are responsible for communicating them with the app development team.

Moreover, the manager creates the Scope Document that you need to take the final decision!

Step 3: App development begins

The app development team begins working on your project! They make all the changes or modifications you need and develop a unique app for your business. The unique application will have the following attractions:

  • Integrates services and features that you need in the Gojek Clone app.
  • The color theme matches the branding.
  • Your company’s name and logo are everywhere.

Step 4: Review the apps!

Once your apps are ready, the team uploads them to the firm’s developmental server. You can access the server and review the apps. If every aspect of the application falls in line with your business plan, show a green light to the app development team.

Step 5: Ready to launch!

The Gojek Clone app is now ready to be launched on App Stores. Depending on the app you’ve developed, the team launches them on the iOS and Android App Stores.

In Conclusion

Summing up, you must launch the on-demand app solution in 2022. Your multi-service app will prosper and you’ll get the chance to star in Business Magazines. Take the first foot forward and launch the Gojek Clone app in your region right now.

Connect with the white-labeling experts and seek a piece of detailed information!

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