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Invalid Invite Error in Discord? Can’t accept Discord Invite? This you must do!

Whether you’re trying to join a Discord server to become an admin of a gaming community or occasionally chat with a group of friends or colleagues, getting the invalid invite error on Discord is annoying. Even when you don’t get an error message, many users report that some invite links sometimes don’t work. There can be different reasons for this issue on Discord. We will go through all the possible reasons why Discord invites cannot be accepted and how to fix them.

Reason 1: Your Discord invite has expired

You’ve received an invite link, but instead of landing on the correct server page, you see a message that the invite is invalid. The most common reason is that the Discord invite has passed its expiration date.

When Discord invites are sent, users can customize them and change the expiration date from 30 minutes to never. If the server owner has not set any custom expiration date for the Discord invite, it will default to 24 hours. If your Discord link has passed its expiration date, you will not be able to use it to join the server.

Another reason could be the number of times users can click the link before it expires. If that number has been exceeded, you will not be able to join the server.

How to fix invite link expired on Discord.

There is no way to check whether your Discord invite has expired. The only way to fix this is to contact the owner of the server that sent you the link and ask them to send you a new one.

Reason 2: Your Discord invite code is invalid

You can join a Discord server through a link sent to you or through an invite code. You can find some invite codes for popular Discord servers online. Remember that these codes are case-sensitive. If you have incorrectly capitalized one or more characters, your link will be invalid, and you will not be able to join the server.

How to Fix Invalid Invitation Error on Discord

Double-check the invite code you are using and the way you type it. For example, the two principles 27sbuy3G and 27sBUy3G will be treated as two unique codes, and only one of them will work for the server.

Reason 3: The server owner has revoked your invite link

One of the reasons why your Discord invite is invalid is because the server owner has revoked the active invite list link in the server settings. Maybe they decided they wanted to keep the server private, or there was something wrong with this invite link.

How to Fix Discord Invite Revoked

There is no way to know if the invite link you are trying to use is still active or has been revoked. The only way to fix this is to ask the server owner to send you a new Discord invite to join the server.

Reason 4: You have exceeded the limit of Discord servers

Discord limits the number of servers a user can belong to at one time. The maximum number of servers you can join is 100. If you are already at 100, you will not be able to join another server. So if you’re getting the invalid invite error on Discord when trying to join a server, check how many servers you’ve entered.

How to Fix Maximum Discord Number of Servers Error

To rejoin a new server, you must leave one of the existing servers in your list. Open the Discord app and find the server you want to go to. Open the server menu and select Leave server.

You will see a confirmation box appear. Select Leave server to confirm. Then try to use the Discord invite again. You should be able to join the server.

Reason 5: You are banned from the Discord server

Lastly, Discord could ban you from the server you try to join. This is probably the hardest to fix, as there must be a serious reason for the server owner to ban you.

Users can be banned from a particular server or the Discord app entirely if they violate Discord’s Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, use a suspicious IP address to access Discord’s servers or attempt to spread spam. There may be other reasons you may be banned from a Discord server, such as violating specific rules set by the server’s owner.

Some server owners set such rules to ensure everyone plays nice and doesn’t accidentally insult other users by displaying offensive behavior online or using profanity in chats.

Remember that when you get banned from a server on Discord, your IP address is banned, not just your account or the device you’re using. This means that if you try to access the same server from a different device, you will not be able to join it since the IP address of your router’s Internet connection is still prohibited.

How to lift server ban on Discord

To rejoin the server, you have to contact the server owner and ask them to lift your ban. Do it through the server settings. Once Discord lifts the ban, you can use the same invite link to join the server on Discord.

If this is not possible, you can try to use a proxy server to bypass IP blocking. However, it is not a recommended method and will not always work.

Have you found the solution?

People encounter these most common issues when Discord invites cannot be accepted. After going through these reasons and trying all the solutions we have covered, you should find the problem with your Discord invite. Check if it can be fixed or try to get a new Discord invite to join the server.

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