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IRCTC Agent Registration

IRCTC Agent Registration                                                                    

You can make good money every month by buying tickets on the IRCTC website.
Ticket booking agents are people that operate in the ticketing industry.
This company has kept the commission for the work of ticket booking.
By booking each ticket, ticket booking agents receive a high commission.
You are aware that lakhs of people travel by rail every day, and they all demand tickets.
As a result, today’s youth have the possibility to pursue a job in ticketing.
And you may make up to ₹80,000 every month.

IRCTC Agent Registration

  • IRCTC agents commission is Rs.20/40 per PNR and PG charges
  • Agent name will display on IRCTC website
  • No trade license is required for railway agency
  • Your agency details will get printed in the ticket
  • IRCTC Agent get access to web portal for fast booking
  • Railway ticket fare deducted from your wallet, hence ticket is created faster
  • You can become IRCTC agent through a very simple process.
  • Earn more than Rs 80,000 per month.

4 Steps for IRCTC Agent Registration

There are four steps to becoming an IRCTC Agent, which can be completed through an online process.

  • Step 1: Complete the online IRCTC agent registration form at
  • Step 2: You must complete and submit the online IRCTC agent registration form before paying the registration fees.
  • Step 3: You must upload the documents after paying the IRCTC agent registration fees successfully.
  • Step 4: Making the refundable security deposit payment completes the process.

Once all four procedures have been completed, our executive will check your payment and documentation.You will receive your IRCTC agent login and your ID and password in your email after the verification process is complete.Following the activation of the agent login hyperlink, you can successfully log in and make a payment for the tickets.

Documents needed to register as an IRCTC agent

The requirements that you must meet in order to successfully register as an IRCTC agent are listed below.

  • Mobile Number: Neither in any personal ID nor agent ID should this mobile number have previously been registered with IRCTC.
    You must use an entirely new mobile number that has never been used with IRCTC.
  • Email ID: For the IRCTC agent registration, you must submit an original email ID that has never been used in an IRCTC ID previously.
  • PAN Card: You must submit a scanned copy of your PAN card number, and you must not have previously used this PAN number for an IRCTC personal ID.
    However, you cannot register for another agent ID with the same PAN number if you have already used it for one agent ID.
  • Address documentation: If a person wants to register as an IRCTC authorised travel agency, they must supply both office and residential address documentation. If they intend to operate their business from home, they may only provide a residential address.
  • A valid aadhar number is required for applicants.
    His mobile phone has been properly registered because the agent must complete the e-KYC after successfully registering their IRCTC agent login.
    Only the mobile number associated with the aadhar card receives the OTP for e-KYC.



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