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Is it useful to wax my car?

How often do you wax your cars?

How much do you want to charge them? How long it will take? Will it be a wax of a good quality car wax? These are questions that anyone who has a car has done at some point in their lives. But sometimes these questions take a backseat when one wonders, apart from the shine, what is wax used for? In today’s post I am going to present some reasons that you may have known and others you did not know why it is necessary to wax your cars.

In the first place, waxes serve to provide shine to a car’s paint, as well as protect it from contaminants that exist in the environment. The wax seals all the pores that the paint may have, making it more waterproof and prevents dirt from adhering too strongly to the paint. This way it is easier to clean. But not only does it help with cleaning, but some have protection from the sun’s UV rays, which are the main factor in the progressive fading of car paint. Also, some of them have the property of defending the vehicle from chemical elements such as pigeon poop. It is not an impenetrable barrier, but it does allow us to gain more time to remove the contaminant before it causes damage to the shine layer.

There are two types of waxes that fulfill a different function when using them. There are waxes that provide a very intense shine for the vehicle and protect it from most environmental contaminants. Normally, these waxes are easy to apply and also when removing them. As I said, its only function is to shine and protect the paint.

On the other hand, there are waxes known as cleaning waxes or polishing waxes. In previous waxes, the main objective was to protect and provide shine, but cleaning waxes have the ability to remove contaminants that are more attached to the paint that do not come out with conventional washing. These contaminants are minerals from falling rain (known as watermarks), pigeon poop that didn’t come out all the way, smog, sap, etc. In case the car has a stain due to hitting an object or car, this wax can also help remove it. It can also be useful for removing some very fine scratches from the car. Being cleaning waxes, they will not give the same intensity of shine as the first ones, but they will serve to give new life to paintings that are already a few years old.

So, if our painting is new or very well cared for, it is necessary to buy waxes that are gloss or that are sealing waxes. If somewhere the container says that it contains polishing particles, or that it is polishing wax or to clean the paint, it does not fall into this category.

If the paint is already a few years old and begins to look dull, if necessary, use a cleaning wax that will renew the shine of the paint. For this reason I recommend that you give the wax that you consider convenient to the person who is going to apply it after washing, or that you apply it yourself later (If a layer of dust fell on you after washing, just gently remove it with the cloth clean microfiber to be able to wax, otherwise we wax on the ground and scratch everything).

About how often to apply, it is necessary to take into account if the car gets dirty very often, or if it is outdoors or well cared for. So in general it is a month. But it will depend on the wax, some last 3 to 6 months or even 1 year.

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