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Jira Certification Cost In India


Jira is a world-famous, market-leading, and non-proprietary software generally applicable in tracking and planning and is a crucial aspect of Agile methodology. In multiple domains and widespread industries, the tool is useful for analyzing projects and bugs. Furthermore, it is also a ubiquitous tool for managing Scrums and visualizing workflows. Now, additionally, it also entails Kanban boards to aid users in comprehensive visualization. The users make their job easier in tracking, planning, reporting, etc., by strategizing the workflows. The software has high prominence among all sections including non-technical professionals. This is because it offers multi-faceted benefits in Testing and other applications. Primarily, it provides better management options by offering a robust centralization platform. Be a part of the QA and development team by receiving Jira Training in Noida and get a chance to understand the aspects of Agile methodology. Get more confidence in your abilities and testing proficiency.

Now, let us arrive at the next section and review some significant advantages of Jira.

Advantages of Jira:

It is an elegant solution enforced by Agile developers for effective customization of the workflow. Primarily, it aids in the identification of bugs and earlier rectification rendering the developers with more confidence when they release the software. Get going with the following points and comprehend the advantages of Jira-

  • It is a sophisticated tool that provides comprehensive integration capabilities. This means that there is an availability of comprehensive bug and project tracking by integrating third-party software.
  • The straightforward functions and ease of navigation render the tool to be feasible for across-the-board users. Primarily, a large number of engineers, developers, project managers, and non-technical professionals use the software in the industry.
  • Before designing a product, organizations prepare a roadmap specifying the goals and visions for the product. Thus, Jira supports the roadmap and aids users in tailor-making the product as per the business requirements and roadmap specifications.
  • Since it is a sophisticated solution for identifying errors, it provides users with flexibility and leniency while performing the tasks.

Now, since you have understood the benefits of Jira functionality, let us now head towards the next section, which is about the packages.

Packages of Jira:

It is an eminent tool, catering to over 75,000 users existing in over 120 countries. Hence, the customer base and span of applications are immense. However, it is not a monolithic product and arrives in the market in the form of multifarious packages. You can gather information about the packages from the pointers below:

  1. Jira Software: It is a tool predominantly used by testers for testing software and mobile applications.
  2. Jira Core: It is a high-tech management tool for managing distinct tasks and overall projects sophistically. The latest temple is advanced enough to accommodate multiple teams, workflows, and projects. It is a useful software to plan, track, and report developments.
  3. Jira Ops: This is an important package that lets users report events, create a consistent process, and form links between systems. It is also built on in-house Atlassian software so it facilitates enterprise agility and business enhancement.
  4. Jira Service Desk: It is high-tech software for the service desk. Moreover, it gives a robust structure and optimal visibility for the work to provide a much more comprehensive front-end service.

Cost of Certification Course:

The cost of completing a course and receiving a certificate depends on the type of course. In India, the cost generally varies pertaining to the selection of the course and the fact whether it is a full course or a crash course. There is a wide range of choices for the users to choose from and subject to that, the cost alters. In general, the cost of the course generally stays in the proximity of ₹10,000 range. However, most institutes are flexible in payments and accept online payments and they offer discounts as well.


Jira is a top-level software as far as the customer base, function range, and ease-of-use is concerned. Despite the high utility, range of packages, and intuitive attributes, it is a straightforward tool to use. Developers apply it for managing the project optimally and also to test the products. Primarily, its high demand arises from the fact that it renders the product as per the roadmap specification and market standard. Hence, you should construct a career in this domain and put your skill to good use to create a high value for yourself in the market. Receive a highly valuable certificate because Jira Certification Cost is also nominal. Develop outstanding skill sets and inculcate abilities that the companies are looking for.


I am Digital Marketing Executive working in Croma Campus Pvt ltd. It is an educational foundation providing rigorous industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculty. It has been in this industry for a decade and has been offering training in corporate and IT-based courses.

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