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Kitty likes licking concrete! Normal?

Has anybody had what was going on previously Why Do Cats Lick Cement? She is an indoor kitty so I couldn’t say whether she is longing for something that she would get on the off chance that she was an external kitty or not. Could somebody at any point kindly tell me whether this is typical?

LocationMiddle-Of-No-Where Michigan

Licking concrete or eating litter can be a side effect of iron deficiency. You don’t say how old your kitty is, or then again in the event that she is having some other issues. Insects can cause paleness, assuming the pervasion is sufficiently serious. Eating food sources that contain onions or garlic can cause Heinz Body Sickliness, which can be switched by dispensing with food varieties which contain those fixings. I would take her to the vet and have bloodwork done to preclude kidney sickness, which is likewise a typical reason for pallor. No matter what the reason, licking concrete or cement isn’t typical, and should be looked at by your vet. Best of luck to you and your kitty!


Much obliged to you. Darling will be a year old in April. She doesn’t act or appear as though she is wiped out. She quit utilizing the litter box about a month prior. We changed the litter brand and did a profound clean on the litter boxes and she began utilizing them again however not more than a day or two ago I was cleaning around her litter box and she hunched down and peed on the mat close to the litter.

I would simply take her in for a vet visit. Peeing fresh could be because of a urinary lot disease – she could be partner the crate with torment, and thusly peeing close to it rather than in it. My Willow had cystitis- – aggravation of the bladder- – and she would periodically pee close to the crate. It was never predictable, however a urinalysis gave indications of irritation.

Willow likewise preferred to lick entryway outlines

Wooden seats and my trouser legs. A few felines very much prefer to lick. I’m uncertain about whether there is any connection licking concrete, however she jumped at the chance to move on the concrete. You can check for indications of pallor at home- – including pale gums and other bodily fluid layers.

The licking concrete or eating litter can be an early admonition sign

Felines are perfect at concealing the indications of disease in any case – so it’s best get to a vet. We didn’t have a clue about this, and our kitty was eating litter. Our vet said it frequently makes no difference, as a matter of fact. All things considered, he was off-base. Our kitty was seriously iron deficient when there were changes in his playing and conduct. Our vet sent us to a trained professional – and when we depicted the side effects, the main thing we said was, “he’s been eating litter,” and the principal point the expert made to us is “is your feline frail?” So presently our normal vet knows (as a matter of fact, he’s essentially a specialist now on cat pallor its causes and medicines!). He has an uncommon sickness – yet we stood by excessively lengthy – and when Tuxie wasn’t playing a lot, it was close. It required two years to fix, it was pricey, and we nearly lost him two times.

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