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Know The Best Tips for Coloring Hair Extensions

Everyone is drawn to a simple color because it can lend personality and beauty to something dull, uninteresting, and unattractive. One of the main reasons why most women dye their hair is because hair coloring can improve a woman’s appearance and help her achieve her best look. To avoid damaging your hair extensions, choose the right color and apply it in the proper step to achieve a perfect match for your natural hair. In this post, you’ll learn the tips or instructions for coloring your hair extensions and wigs perfectly.

1. Always start with a strand test

Our scalp hair does not react the same way as hair extensions do. This is because they’re treated using lasting fabric acid pre-metalized dyes that can react with hydrogen peroxide. It simply implies that when oxidizing tints come into contact with hair extensions, the end result may not be as planned. 

The easiest approach to find out is to try it on a strand first and observe how the chosen color looks. The hair color can be altered in this manner until it reaches the desired hue. To perform a strand test, combine a little amount of dye in a dish and apply it to a clip-in weft. You may check if the dye is the proper hue once it has been created.

2. Use no more than 20 percent hydrogen peroxide

Hair extension stylists said that because hair extensions are frequently dryer than scalp hair, they do not recommend using hydrogen peroxide in concentrations more than 20 percent. This is to keep the hair extensions from drying out even more when they’re dyed. Lighter colored hair extensions may be damaged if you use more than 20 volumes of hydrogen peroxide. It’s also better to use cream-based  for hair extensions because it’s considerably softer.

3. A product with a high ammonia level should be avoided

Because one is adding color to the extension rather than replacing gray hair, it is unnecessary to use a high ammonia product on hair extensions. It’s advised to stay away from ammonia during the coloring process of hair extensions because it can alter the extension’s final color.

4. Only put down color

If you wishes to lighten the color of a hair extension, special care is warranted, as lightening the color may potentially damage the extension. To avoid harming the hair extension, stylists recommend simply lightening the bleach colors on the color ring and not overdoing it.

5. Remove the string from the hair extension bundle and separate it

Remove the string from the hair extension bundle and divide it into two or three groups. Rubber bands are the finest way to keep the strands together. Stylists suggest that having too much hair in a bundle can result in dry areas if the dye isn’t applied completely.

6. Put plastic wrap around the tips of hair extensions

During color application, cover the tips of the hair extension with plastic wrapping to keep them safe. Hair color should not be applied near the roots since it reduces the adhesive qualities in the poly or cylinder tips.

7. Brush out the body of the hair so that it is thinly fanned out

It is recommended that the body of the hair is brushed out thoroughly before applying colour to the hair extension. It aids in the even application of hair color on the extension. One side of the hair should be dyed at a time.

8. Keep the top Bundles in place

To avoid shedding and pulling out of the glued tip when brushing or handling the hair extension, grasp the top of the bundles securely. To keep the hair extension intact, avoid straining and pulling on hair strands.

9. check the color of your hair

It is recommended that you check your hair color every 5 minutes. Due to the low moisture content of bleached hair, the color outcome on lighter hues can happen extremely quickly. The dye can take up to 30-40 minutes to fully apply in other heavier colors.

10. Thoroughly rinse When the Color Is Complete

Rinse the hair extension gently, holding the roots up so the water runs downwards, once the hair color has been completely placed. Remove the plastic wrap from the roots after cleaning and drying them with a towel. To free hair strands, brush them out gently and shake them. It can be dried in the air or on a low heat setting.

When trying to style your human hair extensions Indian style, which is usually the best price and quality, You  must handled it with care so as not to damage it. Human hair extensions are vulnerable to harsh chemicals that can peel and damage the real hair. You may ruin the cuticle of your extensions by using chemical dyes that are too harsh for the hair.  The colors of virgin Indian hair bundles are unique. You may easily and securely change the color of your hair using clip-in hair and lace front wigs and other beautiful hairstyles.

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