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Bedroom color schemes are extremely personal; they can elicit feelings of happiness, comfort, warmth, and many other emotions. Find inspiration from these bedrooms that showcase colors perfectly, whether you crave a palette of bright colors or prefer a soothing scheme of neutrals for your personal space. Ebony combined with Powder White and Blush Pink

  1. Dusty pink + burnt orange + crisp white

Encircle a bedroom in colors inspired by the setting sun, a color scheme that feels ideal for girls’ bedrooms. Crisp white walls serve as a blank canvas for the orange and pink accents. A few darker accents add contrast to a bright color scheme. A dark, oil-rubbed bronze bed frame and light fixture do the trick in this bedroom.

  • Fuchsia + Teal Blue + Off-White

Blue and white are a common bedroom color scheme duo, but adding fuchsia makes the scheme stand out. The floral-patterned duvet inspired and guided the color ratios in this bedroom. Teal blue dominates the wall color scheme, with off-white appearing in medium doses. Fuchsia is used as an accent color, on a throw blanket and in wall art above the bed and more details about furniture

  • Green fern, turquoise, and yellow

Look to lush, tropical hues for a striking bedroom color scheme. The mood for this richly colored bedroom is set by an accent wall covered in moody, fern-motif wallpaper. The vibrant green pattern repeats on the floor and trim, enveloping the room in lush color. Pops of egg-yolk yellow and turquoise stand out against the dark green background.

  • Pale Azure with Cabana White Accents

What could be better than unwinding beneath a cosy cabana? Bring that feeling into your bedroom with a color scheme that includes watery blue, crisp white, and a few tropical accents. Keep the color blue consistent and limit bright colors to small doses for a serene look.

  • Grass Green + Dusty Peony + Pure White

Use garden colors to create fresh, modern bedroom paint colors. Begin with a muted floral color, then add a zingy green and plenty of crisp white. Dusty peony walls and saturated grass green tones contrast with white bedding and .

  • Yellow + orange + brown

Regardless of the weather outside, waking up in a yellow bedroom can feel like waking up to sunshine. The same can be said for some orange hues. Choose a shade in soft buttery yellow or muted gold, which complements almost any style of furniture.  Deep espresso, auburn, and pale latte are all options. Deep brown can look great in a room with lots of windows. Balance a darker color with fabrics, rugs, and other accessories that are light or bright. Brown also looks good with other warm colors like orange, lime green, and even some purple shades.

Bottom line:

Regardless of which school of thought applies to your decorating style, you’ll want to select a color scheme that complements the clean lines of your furnishings without overwhelming them. This is not to say that you should avoid using color, but you should think about which colors will complement the overall look of your room for more details about furniture

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