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NextGen Medical Software – Top Advantages for Medical Experts

NextGen Medical Software is a user-friendly and powerful software that can help medical professionals maximize revenue and improve quality scores. In addition to its user-friendly interface, it offers a complete ICD-10 and CPT coding library. In this article, we will explore the key features of this software and what it has to offer.

Review of NextGen Medical Software

The NextGen Medical Software platform is built to meet the needs of a modern physician’s practice. It offers integrated practice management software, clinical content, a claims clearinghouse, and patient portal. NextGen also supports multiple locations and is mobile-friendly, allowing physicians to manage and interact with patients in the field or remotely. Although NextGen does have a learning curve, the company provides a series of videos to help users get started and get comfortable with its system. Users should also note that NextGen is often slow during periods of peak activity and may freeze up occasionally after a maintenance cycle. Still, NextGen is well worth considering, and is a worthwhile investment for the medical community.

The NextGen EMR was founded in 1998 by two doctors with a common goal – to improve medical office efficiency. The founders worked together to create an integrated, robust solution that meets the needs of a medical practice and is affordable. The NextGen software can be customized to meet the specific needs of any facility, and it can be accessed from anywhere.

It’s Easy to Use

NextGen Medical Software has the capability to customize and tailor its features to fit your practice. It includes features that make it easy to manage referrals, and laboratory services, as well as a patient portal and health maintenance reminders. The patient portal offers a variety of features, including scheduling, appointment reminders, medication refill requests, and multiple online payment methods. It also boasts Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) certification and mobile compatibility.

NextGen Medical Software is designed for small and large practices alike. Its cloud-based EHR solution is easy to use and supports rapid growth, while reducing staff time. Its fully integrated billing and clinical platform also include a patient portal that’s intuitive and easy to use. It is compatible with all browsers and is HIPAA compliant.

It has a Friendly User Interface

NextGen Medical Software offers a user-friendly user interface with customizable features. This software is built to support the needs of medical practices across multiple specialties. The system includes customizable workflows and templates for specific specialties. NextGen also provides free and paid training, as well as continuing education.

NextGen Medical Software offers a number of features that help doctors and nurses save time. Its friendly user interface allows users to make changes to notes and patients instantly. The software includes customizable forms and templates to streamline the charting process. It also offers convenient file management features. Users can save frequently used codes for easy access.

NextGen Ambulatory EHR’s home screen makes it easy to review past patient information and medical histories. It also allows users to see how many times patients have been prescribed a certain medication. This allows physicians to access frequently used data without having to switch screens. Another feature is the option to hover over fields to view additional information.

It offers a Complete ICD-10 and CPT Coding Library

NextGen Medical Software features an easy-to-use interface and a complete ICD-10 and CPT-based coding library. The software also has clickable tabs that highlight important patient health concerns. Additionally, NextGen has an integrated document management feature.

NextGen’s comprehensive reporting tool allows users to create detailed reports based on patient data. Green tabs highlight areas of concern, and users can attach images and documents. The software includes a complete ICD-10 and CPT coding library with the ability to save frequently used codes for future appointments.

NextGen Medical Software’s Meditouch coding library is designed to simplify the coding process for clinicians. The software’s user-friendly interface allows users to create and modify drug records, and documents, and draw on notes. It also has an ICD-10 and CPT coding library that include color-coded coding.

It has a Learning Curve

NextGen is a cloud-based medical billing software that offers extensive features, including coding, insurance verification, claims processing, and remittance advice. This software is also highly customizable and allows you to tailor its settings to your practice’s specific needs. Its web-based accessibility makes it ideal for multi-office practices. Although NextGen is widely praised for its ease of use, it is not without its drawbacks. For example, the software can be slow during peak activity or freeze up after maintenance.

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The software is relatively easy to use, but it has a learning curve. NextGen offers a free training program for all users, which can help you get a feel for the system and its features. In addition to having a user-friendly interface, NextGen also offers a comprehensive coding library. Users can save frequently-used codes for ease of access.

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