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NFL Power Ranking Top Five After 8 Weeks of Competition

Week 8 is in the books. So let’s take a look at the top 5 teams in the NFL based on how good they are according to sports betting news.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (7-1)

Should Tyreek Hill be considered a Miami MVP contender, A.J. Brown ought to be considered as well. For the past six weeks, Brown has been on a roll. During that time, he has averaged over 125 receiving yards per game, and on Sunday, he put up two more touchdowns. Without the excellence of Brown and Jalen Hurts, who were both playing at their best, the Eagles would not be able to defeat the Commanders. The defense genuinely had few answers for Sam Howell, and it was another difficult day in the red zone (Philly went 3-for-5, but lost two fumbles within the 5-yard line), which has been a persistent problem. Those things did not stop the Eagles from winning. Naturally, it would be unwise to anticipate doing the same in the crucial matchup with the Cowboys in Week 9.

2. Baltimore Ravens (6-2)

After dominating the Lions in Week 7, there were few indications that the Ravens were experiencing an emotional letdown. Lamar Jackson didn’t contribute much, but he wasn’t needed to. They gave Arizona too much leeway, but ultimately, this was a good road victory. With three of the next nine games (and six of the last nine) in Baltimore, they’ll take it. The good news is that. The negative? The majority of the remaining opponents appear tougher or more skilled. Additionally, since the Ravens’ previous divisional matchup, the AFC North has grown somewhat stronger. Even still, they lead the AFC by a tie, are 6-2, and may be playing better than anybody else in the conference. The Seahawks, this week’s opponent, are only one significant victory away from establishing that as the NFC champion. The Ravens’ arduous playoff ascent officially gets underway.

3. Miami Dolphins (6-2)

The Dolphins should be alright if they can manage to get the offensive line in some form of usable condition. While Connor Williams and Terron Armstead’s impending returns will be helpful, Robert Hunt’s circumstances cast some doubt on that unit’s prospects. Another significant plus is that following the Germany game, De’Von Achane will be qualified to leave the injured reserve. When Jevon Holland and Xavien Howard return to the starting lineup, the secondary can potentially improve from within. It was better than anyone could have imagined when Jalen Ramsey made his debut in Sunday’s victory over the Patriots. He participated in run support, had an interception, and played almost the entire game. Miami seemed to have acquired a starter during the trade deadline.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (6-2)

Under Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs have only ever received a No. 1 or No. 2 seed in the playoffs. However, if they want to keep their chances of earning the top seed this year alive, they may have to win this Sunday in Frankfurt against the Dolphins, who are currently one of three 6-2 AFC teams. The Chiefs were, in fact, thoroughly crushed by a team they had previously defeated 16 times, and after trailing early on Sunday, Mahomes failed to muster any kind of comeback. He was playing poorly due to the flu, even though a few massive drops and an unexpectedly unsteady offensive line didn’t help.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-2)

Jacksonville exorcised the demons of its 1-2 start with a five-win October and is presently 6-2 for the first time since this millennium. Style points were scarce in the Steelers victory, but the Jaguars’ recent road itinerary, the absence of several starters, and the Pittsburgh weather all played a part. The Jags’ three turnovers—two within the red zone and one just outside—were fortunate not to cost them more points, and their increasing reliance on Travis Etienne is a cause for concern. After the much-needed vacation provided by the Week 9 bye, we’ll find out how the Jaguars fare against the remaining AFC contenders on their schedule. They seem like they belong right now.

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