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Options for personalized wedding neon signs


Weddings are expensive, and the cost can be astronomical if you’re looking for a personalized wedding neon sign.

When you’re looking at your budget, it’s easy to feel like there’s nothing left to do. You don’t want to compromise on anything, especially not your sign. Customized and personalized wedding signs, especially neon signs, are difficult to find. This can be problematic for couples who want to create a unique neon sign for their wedding.

With this guide, you will finally have some insight on how to personalize neon signs and some of the finest collections of neon signs online. So, let’s check out!

Custom Neon Signs

What are personalized neon signs?

If you are looking for something special and eye-catchy on your special days, you can always opt for a customised neon sign board. There are online stores where you can find neon lights and even personalize them per your requirement. You will find a variety of designs from which you can choose and design a neon sign of your own by choosing the font, color or size and pattern you want. Not only for occasions and festivals, there are also neon signs for businesses. Personalizing neon signs gives them a touch of uniqueness and provides more visibility among guests.

Options for personalized wedding neon sign

A personalized neon sign is a great addition to any wedding that will remind a couple of their special day every time they see it. Options for a custom neon sign are limited, and finding an artist who can create one is near impossible. Here are some of the best neon signs that can be customized as per your need:

  1. Just Married Neon Sign – Your wedding day is a major event, and you’ve waited for it your entire life. You’ve spent all the time, effort, and details on planning it to make it perfect for you and your partner to ensure that every single moment of that special day is worth capturing. A “Just Married” neon sign can be a great way to keep people out of the loop when you’ve just gotten married. They’re also a beautiful touch that will get even more attention from your wedding photographer. Whether it’s traditional neon or unique design, there’s an option to fit every preference. You can customize them with different fonts and colors to match your wedding theme.

Just Married Neon Sign

Just Married Neon Sign

  1. Mr & Mrs. Wedding Neon Sign – If you want to add a written personal touch to your home or wedding day, an Mr & Mrs sign is perfect! They’re made from high-quality materials and can be used long after the event. You can reuse and resell them after they’re no longer in use. It’s easy to hang, store and remove the string lights yourself. Plus, they are energy efficient and save your electric bills. If you’re looking for durable wedding neon signs with customizable designs, go with Mr & Mrs. Wedding Neon Signs at the top of all options.
  2. Always and Forever Neon Sign – There’s no better way to celebrate your lovely wedding than with a beautiful custom LED neon sign. Neon lights offer many options and can help you create the perfect ambiance for any wedding. Guests will love having their photos taken in front of this sign, and you’ll love getting an amazing souvenir of your big day. It will look gorgeous at your wedding reception. Made with high-quality materials by experienced designers, this lovely sign is sure to be a hit!

Always and Forever Neon Sign


Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for something different from other people’s weddings, why not get a cool personalized wedding neon sign? You can check out the outstanding online store of Crazyneon with its amazing collections. We offer unique designs with various fonts, shapes, and colors for your special event. You can even personalize your neon signs with the advice of our experts at an affordable price. Give us a call or contact us through email so we can customize your sign today!

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