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PlayStation 4 Repair in Dubai Blog

PlayStation 4 Repair in Dubai

Price: Starting at 200 AED

If you’re a huge fan of gaming consoles, and enjoy playing video games that are original The PlayStation isn’t new to you. Since the launch of its predecessor, the PlayStation 1, this revolutionary gaming console has caught the attention of old and young gamers across the world. With the latest version PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 delivers a gaming experience unlike any other. This could be the most important contribution to the field of gaming technology. The PS4 is sturdy slim and durable However, it could begin to fail due to human error as well as issues such as water infiltration. If your speaker, device or controller isn’t working properly, you must think about ps4 maintenance near me with UAE Technician. You can be sure the repair of your PlayStation 4 will be repaired by the best gaming console repair center and will be returned in good perfect working order.

PS4 Repair in Dubai:

  • Sony PlayStation repair.
  • Only genuine spare parts.
  • Free diagnostics!
  • We offer a guarantee for repairs

We’re ready to offer the post-warranty ps4 maintenance near me. We can solve firmware issues and offer the most complex repair in the shortest time! For instance flashing the PS4 firmware flashing, or display replacement for your PS4 can take just 30 minutes. Repairs are completed by highly skilled technicians with years of knowledge. Utilizing the most sophisticated machines, of the highest quality The work is carried out to the highest standards.

Our engineers are highly qualified specialists who enrol in manufacturer-sponsored courses and earn the necessary certifications as they advance their education. We only employ approved, branded equipment and parts needed to repair consoles.

The most frequently encountered PS4 failures

Game consoles are in need of repair in these situations:

  • Freezing. This is usually caused by an old firmware or with a poor-quality flashing created prior to the time. If you encounter this issue, please contact us and we’ll solve the issue.
  • Controls don’t work. Most of the time, the joystick or buttons snap under the strain of a very intense and active game.

The console will not begin. It is essential to conduct a diagnostic because there could be a variety of reasons. It could be necessary for you to repair the unit that powers your console, or an internal component of the console.

The console functions however, the image doesn’t show to the user’s screen? Instead, it’s a damaged video processor. We’ll replace it in a short time.

  • Mechanical damage to the console and its parts. It is necessary to identify the console’s operation. Additionally, you must conduct a full technical audit.

A lot of times, malfunctions occur on peripheral devices, such as an Kinect sensor, gamepad, and so on. We repair quickly and precisely any device.

In the event that your expensive console requires repair, Please get in touch with us. We’ll strive to make sure you’re happy once more.

Frequently asked questions

Game Console

  • The computer I have on my PS4, Xbox or Gaming Laptop is heating up extremely quickly. Will it be able to fix the issue if I wash it up properly?

There are numerous reasons behind the device to get hot and cleaning might not be able to resolve when there is a technical issue. We recommend using the expertise of experts to prevent such issues.

  • If I engage you to provide the cleaning of gaming consoles, will you also clean it?

Cleaning is essential for each device. We have a system of vacuum cleaning that removes small dust particles.

  • What is the cost of fixing the gaming console?

A few issues in gaming consoles can be solved simply by thermal paste and general checks. However, certain issues require repair of damaged components. Different models come with various internal components, and their prices are different. 


  • In what areas are services offered?

We provide our services to three States that include Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah. These states offer immediate pickup or onsite. In other states, such as Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Al Ain,

Booking of services may take longer. To meet the needs of our customers we have expanded our technical team.

  • How do I get a quote from

To make a request for services at you need to take a few steps.

Use the search bar to find the service.

If you have any questions We will then give you a price.

If you’d like more details about the issue You can contact us and chat to our help staff. They are also available by the phone to assist you.

  • Do you have the ability to fix my device next day?

Yes, if you’re looking for to have a local technician (only for certain devices) or IT/Wifi support, we will repair your device within that same day. However, if the driver must pick up the device, and the technician needs to repair the repair at our service center the repair could take anywhere from up to two days dependent on how extensive the work.

  • Will replacing the screen of your smartphone, laptop or iPad alter the data of users?

The screen replacement process does not have anything to do with your device’s information. In the event that the device’s storage is harmed for any reason, data will be lost.

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