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Rajat khare invests funds in the field of deep technology

Businessman Rajat Khare is the creator of Boundary Holding, a Luxembourg-based next-generation technology fund that invests in fields connected to deep technology and artificial intelligence

Rajat Khare founded an education company after receiving his Computer Science degree from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. This was the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. At RUCA, University of Antwerp, he served as an intern in the mathematics department. He has served as the keynote speaker at more than 20 significant conferences and events. Boundary holding has published numerous research articles that have been presented at conferences all around the world and in publications including Data Mining V by WIT press.
He has also written the book “Make the Move” – Demystifying Entrepreneurship, coached a number of businesspeople, and The business books Science of Achievement and Make the Move were co-written by Rajat. Rajat’s inclination for promoting entrepreneurship and the global incubation of innovative solutions is evident in both volumes

In his capacity as a member of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), the IIT Delhi alumni organisation, and the Indian angel network, Rajat Khare actively supports and encourages entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ventures all around the world.
Professor Patrick Turner of INSEAD Business School’s Entrepreneurship course has used his work as an investor as a case study.

Boundary Holding, a Luxembourg-based company owned by Rajat Khare, invested in, radically altering India’s recycling history. Additionally, Rajat Khare-led Boundary Holding has invested in Neo Medical.

Rajat Khare has invested in Scewo Bro, the only electric wheelchair in the world that can drive on two wheels and climb stairs, through his deep-tech investment company.
Rajat Khare has also invested in Cerbair, a Technofounders firm with French roots that aims to develop automatic protection for vulnerable infrastructure, including UAV monitoring.

To promote the development of UAVs and provide AI solutions to many industries

Rajat Khare established Boundary Holding and made an investment in Asteria Aerospace, a robotics and AI business based in Bengaluru. However, after Mukesh Ambani-led conglomerate RIL acquired around 51.7% of its investment in the company last year, it was able to successfully depart Asteria Aerospace.

Rajat khare also invested  For customers wishing to track, monitor, manage, and connect with assets in far-flung parts of the world, Astrocast SA is the most sophisticated SatIoT service available. Astrocast offers a complete end-to-end, direct-to-orbit service, cutting-edge communication modules, and enterprise-class services through the most cutting-edge nanosatellite network in the world.

Rajat khare also investd in  A French biomedical startup called Japet Medical Devices is creating robotic technology for the highest standard of care.

They work tirelessly every day to create cutting-edge solutions that are effective and easy to use, with the hope that these technologies they can improve the lives of a great number of people.

Rajat khare also invested in EdallSystems offers engineering services (lab development), UAV development, educational services (aerospace engineering training), and consultation. Their mission statement is to support and develop aerospace goods in India and to establish themselves as a leading product development busines s in the aerospace industry.

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