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Right Way to Design Custom Bottle Neckers

Nowadays brands need to follow trends and even do something unique so that they can stand out. In today’s beverage industry there are many companies all selling various beverages. Many brands usually have bottle neckers that help with branding. When they print these in a unique way, they can allow your franchise to look different than the competition. You need to know how to design these in the right way however, if you want them to do this.

Read on to find out some tips on how to design bottle Neckers:

Target potential customers

You need to make your custom bottle neckers in such a way that they can catch the eye of your potential audience. It is possible to design them in a custom way for this purpose.

If you want to attract these people, you need to know what they like and want from packaging. For example a brand that is selling beverages mostly to kids, can choose designs with cartoons and those that are bright and colorful. Whilst those brands who have made a funky and modern drink for teenagers, can choose a trendy packaging design.

Make sure they are strong

The bottle neckers wholesale have to be strong if you wish them to remain sturdy during transportation and also when in a store. You must carefully choose the material that you want to make these from. It will be useless if you design them well but they are breaking.

You can select material like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft for these if you wish then to look good. When you choose materials like this, you will be playing your role in limiting global warming. This is because the materials are ecofriendly. They do not lie around for many years polluting Earth.

These materials are even customizable allowing you to create the most perfect neckers. You can choose the size and shape of your choice. The size should look good when it is on the neck of the bottle. It must not appear too big or even too small.

Unique shapes are the ones that stand out in front of the competition. You can choose a fun shape if your beverage is one like this.

Include details

You should use bottle neckers to help let people know about the beverage. They are a cost-effective way to market it when you include the relevant details on them. But, remember that the size of the necker will not be too much and you should not add too much on it so that it looks untidy and stressful.

For instance you can state the cost of the beverage, any special features it has, discounts, ingredients, etc. The special features about the drink will encourage people to want to try it out.

Add this information in a good and attractive font that is also easily readable. You should choose the font size carefully even. Make it be easy for people to know about the product.

Design according to image you want to give

If a brand wants to show itself as one that is selling high-quality and chic beverages, the custom bottle neckers wholesale can look like this. You can include colors like black and golden here. If you want to give a fresh look because the drink is one like this, you can choose a color like sky blue. When selecting which colors to use, it is a good idea to look at color psychology here if you want to choose colors that matter.

You can even include relevant images. If you are selling a natural drink made from natural ingredients, you can include a picture of the field from where the ingredient is from. This gives the necker a natural look.

Bottle neckers are a good and cost-effective marketing tool that a brnad can use. They can help let shoppers know more about your beverage and why they should think about buying it. However, if you want the necker to fulfill its purpose, it is important that you design it well. It has to be strong so that it does not break. On top of this, it should look attractive, if you want people to notice it and wish to try out the drink.

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