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Sales Agility Bags in the Award for Best CRM Consultancy Firm

Earlier this month, SalesAgility was awarded as the “Best CRM Consultancy Firm” at the 4th annual UK Enterprise Awards. These awards are presented to some of the remarkable Small and Medium Enterprises for their extraordinary contribution to their respective fields. This year, SalesAgility earned this prestigious award for their Open Source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software called “SuiteCRM”.

SuiteCRM is one of the most popular and most used Open Source CRM software around the world with a satisfied user base of more than 4.5 Million. Recently, the SalesAgility has celebrated the milestone where they have completed a total of 1 Million downloads of SuiteCRM open-source software. This is one of many reasons due to which SalesAgility has grabbed the award of Best CRM consultancy firm.

Best Open Source CRM Software ‘SuiteCRM’

First of all, their open source CRM solution provides users flexibility so that they can personalize the software according to their business with traditional per server hosting package and pricing plans based on usage. The fusion of all these features and functions results in an extraordinary product that fulfills all of the customer’s requirements.

There were many companies that have provided CRM software on clouds but no one was like SuiteCRM: OnDemand. Back in 2019, SalesAgility took the whole industry by storm when it launched its cloud-based CRM software named “SuiteCRM: OnDemand”. It is a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) based application which proved to be a gamechanger in terms of pricing and other services.

There’s never been a better time for SalesAgility to have this award because soon they’re going to introduce their major state of the art product called ‘SuiteCRM 8’ and as we all know the “positive word of mouth is never enough”. With this upgrade, everything in the SuiteCRM will be new from User Interface to customer insights and much more.

SalesAgility’s CEO on winning the UK Enterprise Award

The CEO of the company ‘Dale Murray’ who joined the SalesAgility in 2011 as an Intern appreciated the efforts and dedication of the entire team who worked tirelessly. He stated, “We are honored to be presented with this coveted award, which showcases our commitment to innovation within our industry. This would not have been possible had it not been for the hard work of our team, who are dedicated to our mission of creating the world’s most adopted CRM software.”

“It has been an exciting time at Sales Agility. We recently celebrated SuiteCRM reaching 1 million downloads worldwide and we are gearing up to launch some big updates that will take our signature open-source software to the next level.”

He further added in his statement, “In addition to growing our customer base, our next steps are to focus on expanding internationally. We have plans to open a US office in the coming months to accommodate requests of clients in different time zones.”

After joining SalesAgility in 2011, Dale Murray showed some phenomenal growth and earned the position of CEO in 2017 and under his leadership, the company has seen a rise of 25% in their recurring revenue in share from fiscal year-to-date.

SuiteCRM came into the spotlight when one of their competitors SugarCRM stopped the release of their open source CRM software in 2014 and since then SalesAgility is the market leader in the open-source CRM software industry. In the past year, the revenue of the company has increased by more than 100% with help of their innovative products and services like SuiteCRM: OnDemand and Suite ASSURED.

The Reason Why SalesAgility is the Best CRM Consultancy Firm

The reasons due to which SuiteCRM is outstanding from others are 

(i) The flexibility it provides to its user that they can personalize the software as per needs and that reduces the costs drastically too. 

(ii) A community with more than 100,000 members that continuously works with SalesAgility so that software can provide a bug free & reliable experience all the time. 

(iii) Since it’s an open-source CRM solution, you can integrate it with other software and CRM extensions as well, so that you can have a seamless experience.

The final judging panel of SME-News UK Enterprise Awards 2020 showered praises for the SalesAgility, they stated, “Since forming in 2005 Sales Agility have gone from strength to strength, delivering CRM solutions on-time and to budget. Through consultancy and software development the firm has enabled clients to realize the full potential of SuiteCRM. By engaging with clients on a global level including governments, enterprises, and SME’s, the firm has delivered high-quality projects that integrate with operational practices. Amongst others, these reasons above are a true indication of why Sales Agility deserved to be awarded Best CRM Consultancy Firm.”

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