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SAP HANA: Basics You Must Know


SAP HANA is a database platform with an in-built memory and development platform. It has multifarious features like column-oriented DBMS architecture, relational database management, graph data processing, etc. The main application area of the database platform is to act as a database server and register and provide data as and when required by the user. However, there are other functions that differentiate it from any ordinary database management system like text analysis, spatial data processing, etc. Essentially, you can also perform all kinds of data integration, analytics, and advanced search. Growth and prospects as an SAP HANA developer are quite enriching and will also evolve further in the future. It is quite beneficial for your career if you can invest a few years to solidify your basics and take help from SAP HANA Training in Noida. Obtain industry-specific knowledge and gradually achieve growth using your skillsets.

Read further to know all the fundamentals of SAP HANA.

Importance of SAP HANA

Often described by market experts as a breakthrough software in database management, SAP HANA enables you to deploy next-generation information storage and analytics techniques. The versatility and flexibility allow users to integrate high analytical functions without compromising too much on the UI. Furthermore, you can also make your own analytical models by integrating the features of Smart Predict and SAP HANA and augmenting your business intelligence. Moreover, the compatibility attribute gives users peace of mind as the columnar data can easily combine with other systems. The importance of SAP HANA is immense not only in providing a secure database management directory but also in giving other data virtualization advantages.

Now, if you want to learn further about the benefits of HANA, you can proceed to the below section.

Benefits of SAP HANA

It is prevalent database software that the users use as a hybrid system, in the cloud, or on the premises. It aids in the manufacturing of an effective on-premises database storage space with increased access to the cloud, cost-efficiency, and enhanced memory. Read about the advantages from here-

  • Higher Speed: The greatest aspect of HANA is the fact that it draws the information from the RAM rather than any hard storage location. It enables it to respond to user queries instantly and generally does not take more than one second to respond. This further allows for a smooth user experience and virtualization of the instantaneous data.
  • Total Data Management: To benefit businesses, SAP HANA enhances the IT environment and provides a whole set of solutions pertaining to data management. Applying its database management techniques ensures that the data from a variety of sources can be easily monitored. It also ensures security and all-time availability.
  • Performance Efficiency: Apart from reducing the costs, it also ensures that peak performance level is maintained at all times. It enhances the memory capability so it generates the possibility of maintaining large data sets at a low price. It also increases the performance level by elevating the efficiency of the DMS. Furthermore, it decreases data duplication and the existence of data silos.
  • Scalability: When the extent and reach of a business grows, the data available at its disposal also increases. Therefore, management techniques must evolve as the business expands. SAP HANA facilitates the expansion process by allowing easy scalability from the present users and an abundance of data associated with it. Thus, you can easily scale your channels as you grow in your business journey without worrying about revamping any of them.

Salary and Job Prospects of SAP HANA

SAP HANA developers are one of the in-demand employees in the world because companies are revamping their data management models. Furthermore, they are also looking for qualified employees who are familiar with the latest practices, have analytical thinking, and know how to use advanced software. The high demand for developers automatically renders them to be one of the most highly-paid employees in the world. In the present scenario, the mean salary of the SAP HANA developers is somewhere around ₹7.3 LPA. However, the higher ranges of salary go well beyond ₹14LPA. Common designations as a professional include SAP BW HANA Consultant, SAP Basis Administrator, etc.


SAP HANA is an efficient database management technology that enhances the speed of response and memory capabilities. It stores the information in its memory rather than storing it in secondary storage. Apart from storing and retrieving the information, users can also perform numerous data analysis processes such as text analysis. It is a popular data management software whose prominence has grown over the years. Many professions have started noticing the demand and growth for experienced professionals in this field. Therefore, there has been a sudden increase of professionals going for SAP HANA Online Training looking to increase their marketability. The demand will gradually increase so it is worthwhile to get certifications now to magnify future prospects.


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