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Scuba Diving Blog Archives – dive into the cleanest water

If you are looking for a destination to visit it is hard to match Goa.Goa is the only state that is most compact in India in terms of area.The popular beaches in North Goa are Candolim and Calangute.They are near the airport and have a lot of facilities.The coastline is divided into three sections: North Goa and South Goa. The third is called Central Goa.North Goa is the most developed.Central Goa is dominated with its capital, Panaji and Panaji’s capital city and the Airport. South Goa is the most developed. South Goa there are roads which are ideal for cyclists.


Grande Island:

Goa is filled with beaches. There are between 10-12 dive sites in Goa that offer spectacular Sea Diving packages. Grande Island is marked as one of the top locations to go for Scuba diving.These packages start at the cost of Rs. 2500 and are reasonable.Before entering the water, you’ll require training.The time for instruction will be between 10 and 15 minutes. The instructor will instruct you through more details.If you’re a seasoned swimmer, or not, it’s possible to take a trip Scuba Diving in Goa.If you aren’t sure how to swim, but you would like to dive into the water, this is the ideal option for you.


Best Time:

This Grande Island tour is an unforgettable and memorable tour.There are many activities you can enjoy on the trip.During the summer season, Goa is extremely hot and the best time to book this trip for the Grande island is between October to March.This time of spring and winter is the ideal time for your tour.It’s advised not to go to Goa during the rainy summer season.Visitor can take their own swim costume.Don’t forget to pack a water bottle.Water helps keep you hydrated throughout the day.Also make sure to wear a an outfit that is comfortable.


Dive Sites in Grande Island:

Grande Island offers many dive spots, including sandy beaches as well as coral fields and the sea whip.Here you can go diving or snorkeling in fishing and other water-based leisure activities.You are also able to swim, but diving will offer you a memorable experience.This trip is sure to be memorable.


Suzy’s Wreck

This site is a must to everyone, from beginners as well as experienced divers.It is a British cargo ship , the SS Rita.In the 1950s, close to the southwest corner of Grande Island the ship went down.This ship is 130 meters long and is situated within 5-12 metres of water.Now it is a home for many creatures, such as scorpionfish puffers, groupers, batfish, moray eels, sweetlips, the squid etc.Here you can spot barracuda.


Uma Guma Reef

This site is another beautiful site for scuba divers.Here one can swim with big groupers, tuna, parrotfish,barracuda,triggerfish, porcupine fish,angelfish,surgeonfish, etc.Both experts and beginners can dive here.



 It is situated about 1 km south west of Grande Island.It is a fin like rocky projection.It has an intensity of 8 to 24 metres.You can see the amazing 


Non-swimmers can also take part in these thrilling sports.


The ten years and older can participate in any of these activities.


If you find that your plan has changed, it is recommended to inform the person at least 48 hours in advance.


The bookings are not transferrable.


It is your responsibility to follow the guidelines laid out by instructors.It is mandatory.


Take note of the fact that the bathing suit will not be included in the package.


If you’re a person with a collection of clothing, then this set is a great option for you.


According to the package, the selected drinks according to the package’s selected drinks will be as per the package the selected drinks will be.


The next day, they’ll transport your up to Arpora Junction.


On a boat on which dolphins can be seen along with other incredible sights.


All the necessary equipment will be provided with the exception of oxygen Cylinder.


Your dive instructor will be with you. A certified diver.15 or 20 minutes diving underwater.


In Goa many tour operators offer the tour at reasonable prices.So you can take advantage of this next time you’re planning to embark on a Goa excursion with a group of family and friends. family.Don’t not forget to add Grande island on your bucket list.After reaching the island you’ll get to take in the stunning Arabian Sea stretches it’s arm to welcome you.

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