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Some of the hill stations- Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh’s famous dishes

When it comes to hills station Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand come to our mind. Indian cuisines are widely famous all across the world. Presence of species blends and different aromatic flavors. People from different countries often visit India. Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are famous states known for their aromatic flavors. And the top visited states by Indians as well. Like their different climates that it becomes the most visited place, similarly, their foods are that fascinates the people around the world. These famous hill station foods reflect India’s rich and varied culture. The rising delicious food demand in hills station is boosting the Some of the Wholesale Indian grocery suppliers in India

Below as per the states. That is proven lip-smacking for people around the world. 


  • Uttarakhand’s popular local foods


Kafuli is one of the famous Uttarakhand dishes. It is a green leafy vegetable made from the two major leaves that are fenugreek leaf and spinach leaf. This blend of green leaves is a great source of nutrients. It is served with gravy made out of rice or wheat. Tasty as well as healthy.


Phannu is another Uttarakhand popular dish. It is made by mixing lentils soaked overnight in water. Varieties of lentils are used and most commonly, Arhar and gahat. It seems a type of soupy meal and served basically with rice. High in protein. 


Badi is considered the best traditional food of the Uttarakhand population. It is prepared by using black-colored Kawada ka atta and is commonly served with phannu. Badi does not only consists of a delicious taste but it is a highly nutritional dish as it carries certain nutritional values essential for the human body. It is a great combination of taste & health and is best for the health-conscious population. 

Aloo tamatar jhol

Aloo tamatar jhol is one of the best and most impactful dishes prepared in Uttarakhand. And is considered as most tempting, delicious, and preferable by Uttarakhand people. Easy to prepare and takes the least time to be prepared. Boiled potatoes need to be cooked along with tomatoes and onions paste has also been added. 

Kandalee Ka Saag

Sometimes tasty is not healthy and healthy food is not tasty. But what if you are getting both aspects in one taste and healthy together in the same delicacy. Kandalee Ka Saag is offering you both aspects and leaves you tempted even after having it completely. Along with taste, it is offering you all the essential nutrients required to run your body efficiently. The major ingredients used are leafy vegetables called with another name is Bichoo Ka Saag, and local flavourful spices cooked in ghee. Ghee itself enhances the taste’s richness. 


Chainsoo is one of the popular dishes in the Garhwal region. It is prepared by using urad dal initially roasted and making a fine paste to prepare a delicious and tempting delicacy. This gives a unique and aromatic flavor to the dish and tempts you of having it. The different cookery of this dish makes the mouth-watering. 


Dubuk is another tempting dish of Uttarakhand. It is prepared by using Arahr ki dal and Bhat ki dal and is served commonly with bhang ki chutney and rice. Highly preferable dish by Uttarakhand people its unique and aromatic flavor is due to its cookery done by using kadhai or on a slow flame. 

  • Himachal Pradesh’s popular local foods

Himachal Pradesh is another beautiful and mesmerizing hilly place. Its beauty doesn’t reflect through the mountains and green & fresh surroundings but the entire culture including festivals celebrations and Himachali foods reflects its massive beauty. Himachal Pradesh’s beauty excites and stimulates people to visit for once. Himachali cuisines consist of a combination of Punjabi and Tibetan foods. 


Dhaam is a complete meal and is more like what call is “ Thali” in some states. Himachal Pradesh’s chef is called botis, who are known to prepare scrumptious Dhaam. A complete thali consists varied of flavourful food, that as red kidney brands, fried dal, boor ki dal, salad, curd, and dessert. A wholesome delicacy in one thali is called Dhaam. 


Madra is a famous dish prepared by using soaked chickpeas and vegetables. Use a wide range of spices in it. Madra represents its state’s unique food culture in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. It is popularly cooked especially during festivals and occasions. It is next after Dhaam’s famous dish of Himachal Pradesh.


It looks like the kachoris eat in the north Indian states. It is prepared differently and contains a unique flavor to normal kachori. A flattened wheat flour-made bread stuffed with black urad dal paste and is served with tamarind chutney around the states. Once you eat babru surely you will forget the kachori’s taste. 


Siddu is another most loving, preferable, and must-have food of Himachal. It is a local food of Himachal that is prepared by using wheat flour dough and yeast. Initially, the dough is placed directly on a flame and roasted for a while. The same is then steamed until it is cooked properly. Stuffing is different which is the major taste booster. It tastes amazing. 


Aktori is one of the desserts relished by the Himachali people. Buckleaf is cooked with wheat flour along with using some ingredients, that are, milk, water, baking soda, and sugar. This is originated in Spiti valley and now are most relishing dish all across the states. You can eat it by topping ghee or honey as per your desire. The most tempting flavor and deliciousness that if your visit you must try. Conclusion: these above-mentioned certain Uttarakhand’s and Himachal’s famous delicacies. The cookery method and uses of spices are what make these dishes unique. This gives a rise to Spices supplier in India.

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