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Spinal Instrumentation: An Overview

Many Americans live with chronic back pain their whole life and are hesitant to discuss treatment with their doctor due to not knowing when to confront the issue. Those who have tried various non-surgical treatments for back or neck pain without positive results should consult a doctor about getting spine surgery.

Performing Spinal Surgery

There are various surgical techniques for performing spinal surgery depending on the patient’s symptoms, the findings from imaging studies, and the surgeon’s preference. Spine surgery may be recommended if non-surgical treatment such as medications and physical therapy fails to relieve symptoms. Surgical procedures to treat spinal pain are slightly different for each patient depending on the cause of the pain; however, common procedures include spinal fusion, which fuses a portion of the spine together using bone grafts to stabilize the spine. It is considered an effective surgical treatment for degenerative disc disease and may halt or reduce the effects of herniated discs in patients with spinal stenosis.

Spine surgery treatment is a complex procedure that requires a skilled surgeon. The type of surgery you have depends on the specific problem in your spine. There are three main types of spine surgery: cervical, lumbar, and minimally invasive. The surgeon will recommend the best type of surgery for you based on your diagnosis and symptoms.

Spine Surgery Treatment

For example, if you have a spinal tumor or a spinal infection, your surgeon may recommend that you have open spine surgery treatment where they make an incision in your back to remove the tumor or infection. Open-surgery can done using general anesthesia or local anesthesia (where only part of your body is numb). If you have degenerative disc disease with no fractures or other problems with your spine, then minimally invasive surgery may recommended. This type of surgery uses cameras and small incisions instead of open incisions to access the area where the discs need to removed or repaired.

Type of Spine Surgery

Spinal fusion surgery a reconstructive procedure used to treat spinal deformities. It a surgical treatment option used to treat painful conditions commonly known as degenerative disc disease, and scoliosis. The purpose of this type of spine surgery is to fuse the vertebrae into one solid bone. Which in turn reduces inflammation of the back joints (spondylolisthesis) or pain emanating. From a damaged intervertebral disc in the lower back. In cases where there scoliosis, rib grafts can utilized to straighten out. The upper vertebrae in order to reduce the curvature of the spine and correct the spine’s alignment.


The backbone made up of two columns – the cervical and lumbar vertebrae. The cervical vertebrae are located in the neck region and includes seven bones. On the other hand, the lumbar vertebrae are at the lower back region and contain six bones. All of these bones work together to support your body’s weight. These bones held together with soft tissue and ligaments to ensure that you can stand straight and tall. However, these vertebrae can become damaged as a result of a traumatic injury or age-related development issues. Whichever way it happens, there always a certain amount of pain felt due to this damage sustained.

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