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Steps To Avoid Flat Tyres

If you are a car driver, you must be familiar with flat tyres. Punctures take place in tyres when an iron nail or piece of glass damages the body of your tyres. This condition is not favourable for your car tyres. The level of the air pressure goes down due to the faulty area. In this condition, you would not be able to drive your vehicle.

Cases of punctures frequently take place across the country. Repairing the punctures is also not a tough job. You can easily change your car Pirelli Tyres Widnes. Moreover, you can use a tyre puncture repair kit as well to repair the faulty area.

You can always call a mobile service for tyre repair if you need help urgently.

As you see, there are several ideas to deal with the puncture problem. However, flat tyres can be quite irritating.

Sometimes, you have to repair your vehicle in a place where you are not comfortable to park the car. It is possible you do not get a garage for repair work and you also do not know to change the flat tyre.

Slow punctures are enough to increase the problem as well since they are tough to detect. Only a mechanic can find out the root cause of the issue.

However, avoiding flat tyres is not an easy job since tyres run on open roads. You can minimize the risks if you avoid the conditions that make favourable conditions for punctures.

Do Not Run Your Vehicle on Bald Tyres

If you want to avoid punctures and blowouts, you have to make sure that you never travel with bald tyres. Bald tyres are more prone to punctures. Actually, the tread pattern functions like a protective layer against punctures. When the tread pattern is worn out, a thin layer of rubber would not able to save you from punctures.

Moreover, bald tyres come with a thin layer of rubber. Therefore, they are more prone to the bad effects of heat and friction.

Choose The Correct Tyres:

Suppose you drive your vehicle on muddy roads often, you have to buy mud tyres. Similarly, you have to run your vehicle on summer tyres in the summer season. If you choose another type of tyres for your vehicle in the summer months, they will wear out rapidly to invite issues like punctures and blowouts. These tyres show extra resistance against punctures. If you buy new tyres according to the road conditions, you can minimize the intensity of the damage.

Maintain The Appropriate Level of Air Pressure:

Low or high air pressure in tyres will increase or decrease the chances of punctures. Car tyres flex more if they run on the road with low air pressure. Road debris may easily damage the tyre in this condition. Tyres with high air pressure are also more prone to punctures and blowouts if they hit a pothole or kerb.

Ignoring The Road Surface:

The rubber of the tyre will wear at the optimum rate if you drive your car according to the road surface. Suppose you drive your car on an uneven road, more friction and heat will take place to degrade tyre rubber. Worn tyre rubber is prone to punctures. Therefore, consider the road surface whenever you drive the vehicle.

High Speed:

High speed also increases the chances of punctures. If you drive your car at a high speed, you have to be ready for the bad effects of friction and heat. These factors are directly proportional to speed. It means if you increase the speed of your vehicle, the level of friction and heat will increase automatically. Slow down the speed of your car on wet, muddy, rocky or snowy roads.


Punctures are quite irritating. Therefore, you have to avoid the reasons that increase the chances of flat tyres. Avoiding road conditions is not easy because car tyres have to function on both even and uneven roads. However, you can change your driving style according to the road conditions. Moreover, you can ensure the best level of health condition for your Tyres Widnes with the help of proper maintenance.  

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