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The 3 Best Services For Real Music Promotion In 2022

It takes a lot of time and work to promote your own music across a range of internet streaming channels. Even excellent tracks may initially struggle to get traction on such platforms given how crowded they are with new music in the present. Fortunately, a large number of Fiverr professionals offer a range of promotion services across numerous platforms. By collaborating with a music promoter on Fiverr, artists can concentrate their attention on other aspects of their music while leaving the marketing to a seasoned expert who can be trusted to deliver superior results. The following Fiverr experts have proven to be really committed to helping musicians build their brands by providing honest, accountable, and effective real music promotion services.

Best Music Promotion Services


Promozle, a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr with over 2,000 5-star reviews, can provide the best SoundCloud promotion services to anyone trying to improve their organic SoundCloud streams.

This company only offers one plan, a $40 premium SoundCloud marketing service. This package allows the user to promote their song to more than 300,000 active curators, artists, and listeners.

Numerous prior clients can vouch for the trustworthy network of listeners’ guarantee of natural interaction. This vendor makes use of their vast network to connect with other DJs and music producers, guaranteeing that the discography they are marketing receives the exposure the customer paid for.

In addition to SoundCloud, Prmozle also offers free promotion services for Apple Music, Shazam, and Spotify.

Video Boosters Club 

TikTok is being used by viral music creators to promote both their new songs and older music.

Over the past three years, TikTok has grown into a great platform for curators and musicians to market their discographies.

Video Boosters Club is a Level 2 Seller who uses her platform to offer helpful promotional services. On TikTok, she has a sizable organic fan base.

Customers who work with Video Boosters Club claim that their promotional TikTok videos for their songs frequently receive over 100,000 views.

Because she is a talented Creator with more than 60 million monthly views,Video Boosters Club is a fantastic resource for marketing music on TikTok.

Package prices from this provider range from $55 to $225. Each package features a single or double advertisement for a certain song to Video Boosters Club’s whole fan base.

Video Boosters Club consents to free advertising of the music if she is unhappy with the number of views a promotional video received.

Be sure to check out Video Boosters Club and her excellent service based on her experience, cost, and level of participation as other budding musicians quickly grasp TikTok’s promotional opportunities.


With more than 1,527 favourable ratings, Groove Hub is the most popular promotional service on Fiverr—and for good reason. Groove Hub provides a wide range of services to satisfy the needs of new curators and musicians that wish to expand their Spotify fanbase.

One song may be promoted for $25 to three songs can be promoted for $80 with Groove Hub’s packages. Each package can be accessed as a subscription service for a period of time ranging from three to six months, allowing artists to use Groove Hub as the centerpiece of their Spotify promotion.

Groove Hub drives natural streams to its clients’ discographies through its playlist and curator network. Song placement is guaranteed by Groove Hub on a range of premium playlists with a sizable monthly listenership. An email campaign and backlinking are the main drivers of additional promotion.

No streams are produced by bots, which is against the terms of service for Spotify and Fiverr, thanks to the vast network of other curated Groove Hub marketplaces.

Based on the caliber of their work, prior clients’ reviews, the range of service options they offer, and the affordable prices of each package, Groove Hub offers an exceptional deal for the best overall promotional service on Fiverr.


These are the services who will provide the best real music promotion to you. Especially if you ask for my suggestion then I will suggest you to choose Promozle. Because they are the best at music promotion service. They will bring you the organic YouTube subscribers and views. So that you can grow.

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