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The Benefits Of Composite Decking For You And The Environment

Wood deck owners are well aware of the expense and bother of maintenance. Composite decking and the white disk is other alternatives if you want the appearance of wood without care. 

How does composite decking work?

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Composite decking is made of two or more materials. The material is usually nonmetallic and it is combined to create the deck board’s structure. The two most popular synthetic decking materials used today, however—capped wood-plastic and capped-polymer decking—are collectively referred to as composite decking.

No organic elements are used in the core of the board when using capped-polymer decking; instead, a mixture of resins and other performance additives are used. Then, in both situations, the hard, protective “cap” that gives the design, color, or grain pattern as well as the scratch, stain, fade, and moisture resistance is placed on top of the core components. A decking product made from any type of material is high-performing and resilient.

In general, wood-plastic composites are more expensive, heavier, and a little harder to work with, but they can also grow hotter in direct sunshine. It is not as prone to water or moisture as a wood deck. However, If the product is not capped on all four sides, there is a chance of high moisture. Composite decking is lighter and easy to install without the need for pre-drilling. Also, it is 30% cooler than wood. 

Composite decking is recycled and this is one of its biggest environmental advantages. Therefore, we use millions of pounds of waste sawdust and throwaway plastics to produce beautiful decks. Composite decking performs better and is long-lasting than wood. 

What Makes Composite Decking Better Than Real Wood?

What Makes Composite Decking Better Than Real Wood?

Maintenance and durability are undoubtedly two important factors. To avoid rot and decay, you must commit to a yearly care schedule of deep cleaning, staining, and resealing the deck if you want a wood deck to survive and keep its aesthetic. It also applies to exotic or tropical hardwoods like Ipe as well as pressure-treated pine, cedar, and redwood. Homeowners may forego the yearly sanding, sealing, and staining thanks to the improved composite products currently available on the market. A composite deck and vit skiva just have to be washed occasionally with water and a light cleanser to stay in fantastic shape.

How Sustainable Is Composite Decking?

In everything we do, sustainability is given first priority. It’s woven into the very foundation of the business. First off, we recycle almost all of the scrap or waste products generated throughout our production operations. Second, we aggressively seek post-industrial and post-consumer recycled components for our goods on the open market. However, we discovered that we needed to invest more directly in our own recycling facilities in order to attain a more constant and reliable source of supply and increase the recycled content of our goods as much as feasible.

Additionally, composite decking maintenance is more environmentally friendly. When it comes to maintenance, composite decks only need light soap and water, but wood decks need the use of harmful chemicals like:

  • Stains and sealants for wood
  • Both paint and paint remover
  • Synthetic cleaners
  • Preservatives for wood
  • Insecticide
  • Fungicide and mildewcide

People frequently believe that if you choose to live sustainably, you will ultimately have to give something up. Contrarily, this is not the case with komposittrall. From visual appeal and long-term effectiveness to the number of trees saved, composite decking and the white disk is the wise, environmentally friendly choice. The real deal? a lovely, realistic wood appearance for homes without the drawbacks and upkeep that real wood entails.

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