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The Best Gujrati Tilgajak : how you can shop for Indore Gajak Online

The modern history of India is not very sweet, but sweets have always been a part of its history and rich culture. In fact, researchers suggest that sweets have been part of India’s traditional history since 2500 years. Our ancestors from the Indus Valley civilization used refined sugar back in 6000 BCE for the first time, and today sweets, also called Mithai, are one of the hottest things in our culture. The diversity in sweets is somewhat similar to diversity in our heritage, culture and language, as we have over 100 different varieties of sweets made with flour, milk, milk products, fermented foods, vegetables, raw and roasted seeds, dry fruits etc.

Sweets for every season 

We are a country of different seasons, and since winter is approaching, there is one sweet that you must not miss: Tilgajak; loaded with proteins, it’s one of the best sweets for winter. Also known as Chikki and Patti, Gajak is made with ingredients like jaggery/sugar, sesame seeds, peanuts, and ghee. Gajak is a dry sweet, so it’s also one of the best options to use as a healthy snack available at our Indore til gajak store in Mumbai, or you buy it online at our website from Indore Online.

Different varieties of Gajak are available at namkeen shops near you

  • Gud-Til Gajak
  • Til-Revadi Gajak
  • Khas-Khas Barfi Gajak
  • Til-Mawa Gajak
  • Dry fruits Gajak

Easy Til Gajak Recipe

You can also make this healthy snack at your home; we will tell you how we prepare the Tilgajak that is available at our Indore til gajak store in Mumbai; which by the way you can also order online from our website, where you can find a variety of sweets and snacks that you can receive and enjoy at the comfort of your home.

You need to follow the instructions and ingredients list given below :


1 cup Sesame seeds

1 cup jaggery

2 tsp ghee

2 tsp cardamom seeds powder (optional)

1/2 cup water

Steps to prepare :

  1. Firstly, roast the sesame seeds for a few minutes until they start crackling up, and once they are done, keep it aside.
  2. Take jaggery and cut it into pieces. Put them in a kadhai, pour water in it and stir it in a high flame till it becomes a thick solution and changes its color. You have to ensure that while you prepare the gud solution, put a few drops of it in cold water and see if it turns into a ball or simply breaks.
  3. Now, take a plate and apply ghee all over it; pour the thick gud solution and mash it properly with your hands. While doing this process, we have to make sure that the solution remains hot and that we have some ghee applied on our palms to avoid stickiness, we need to tweak the gud till it becomes semi-white in texture.
  4. Now, take the roasted sesame seeds into a pan and stir it at low flame for a couple of minutes; put the seeds on a plate and mix them with gud properly.
  5. Finally, we have to pound the mixture with a hammer to give it a shape and finally cut it into square pieces and leave it for half an hour to dry up.


Tilgajak is one of the best options in snacks for the approaching winter season but preparing it at home is definitely an arduous task. But, we are here for your rescue! You can easily grab the best Tilgajak out there in the market at our Indore til gajak store in Mumbai, and you can also order it online from our website IndoreOnline

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