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The Best Products for Your Pooch

Best dog foods

If you have a pet, I’m sure you lavish your furry child with love. And, just as your family’s health and well-being is your top priority, you would put your furball’s health and well-being first.

That is why it is critical to select only the best goods for your pet’s food, treats, toys, accessories, and grooming. And what better day to give them the gift of high-quality dog items than International Dog Day?

Only the best for your canine companion

Dogs, especially pups, require a balanced diet like what we feed babies. It aids in the development of strong bones and teeth, the development of a silky coat of fur, and the development of robust adult dogs. Dog food that meets their nutritional needs is essential, as are healthy and tasty snacks that may be used to reward them during ‘who’s a good dog’ moment. A diet deficient in vitamins can result in weak and brittle bones, hair loss and a harsh coat in dogs, as well as decreased immunity, making them susceptible to a variety of maladies.

 Maintain Those Tails Wagging

It’s not simply a decent diet that contributes to your dog’s happiness and health. Not to mention the long walks and fun that keep them bounding with delight. Consider your dog’s leash snapping when it runs off to chase a squirrel or a mailman while out on a stroll!

If you wish to avoid this, invest in a high-quality, safe, and robust leash, collar, muzzle, or harness. When taking your pets for a walk, the toys you bring with them must be of high quality so that they do not cause any health risks.

Playing fetch with your dog will make it slobber, but frequent brushing is required to keep its skin healthy. It is critical for preserving the luster of their fur and preventing skin allergies. That is why you should take your time while selecting grooming basics and other dog items. For example, failing to select a high-quality dog shampoo can cause more harm than good.

 Best Products in One Location

Providore allows you to buy for dog items from the comfort of your own home, while your dog snuggles in your lap. You can expect amazing names, high quality, and free delivery of things to your door at a time convenient for you.

 Best Dog Treats and Food Brands

Simply order online at Providore if you want to get top quality dog food in Sri Lanka from leading brands like Pedigree. There is a wide range of foods available for dogs of various sizes, from puppy chicken and milk to adult meat and rice. There are also a variety of treats available to enhance your dog’s protein intake while also providing healthy gums and teeth. Not to mention, a knotted bone treat can keep them occupied while you’re away.

You may even get feeding dishes for your dog from Providore while you’re choosing out these delightful treats. Oh, and did we mention Tayo Bear ice cream and oat biscuits for your canine companion? You can only picture the drool puddle you’ll receive as a thank you!

Accessories for Dogs

We have the appropriate accessories to gift your pet on this International Dog Day, from dog choker collars for your rambunctious Rottweiler to a harness for your majestic Bulldog. Providore offers a wide selection of premium quality leather and nylon collars and leashes in a few colors.

Grooming necessities

Grooming basics such as dog brushes, nail clippers, medicated shampoos, and soaps are also available to maintain their fur shiny and healthy. Pamper your pal by rubbing paw butter on those adorable paws that have left their imprint on your heart.


Dogs occupy not just physical space in our houses, but also emotional space. They require all of our attention and the best supplies to keep them happy, healthy, and, yes, drooling and bouncing with delight. So sit back and relax while you order high-quality dog supplies and have them delivered straight to your home so you can continue pampering your pet!

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