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The Best Ways to Use QR scanner in Marketing

You’ve probably seen a QR scanner somewhere before. Maybe you saw one while browsing the internet, or perhaps you saw one in real life by looking through a window. Maybe even more likely, you have even scanned one with your smartphone. But what are they? And why are they so popular? Well, this article will explain it all. QR codes (short for “quick response”) are also known as “smart” or “flash” codes. They are a type of barcode that is able to store much more information than typical fixed-code standards like UPCs or EANs. 


What Does a QR Code Look Like?

A QR code is essentially a black and white image made up of a series of squares. These squares can be either black or white, but there can’t be any other colours in between. The squares will make up an image that is designed to be easily scanned and read by any camera, including those on mobile phones. The QR code is made up of two different sections: the start code and the code end. The start code will be a group of black squares at the beginning of the QR code while the code end will be a group of black squares at the end of the QR code. 


How Do QR Codes Work?

Scanning a QR code with your smartphone or scanning a barcode scanner will produce a variety of results, depending on what the QR code is meant to do. Most frequently, a QR code is used as a link to a website. When that happens, the scanning device will open a web browser and redirect the user to the website associated with the QR code. 

Why Are QR Codes so Popular?

QR codes are so popular because they offer a variety of potential uses that can easily be integrated into existing business operations.  All of this makes them a great value for businesses that are looking for a low-cost, high-utility way to incorporate new technologies into their operations. QR codes are attractive to businesses because they don’t require any special equipment or software for users to read them. This means that anyone with a smartphone and a QR code reader app can access the information in the QR code.


How Can You Use QR Codes in Marketing?

There are many ways that you can use QR codes in your marketing. The best way is to create a unique code for every product that you sell. This way, when a customer scans that code, they will be shown a website page that will display all the product details. You can also use a QR code to connect people to your website address, or even a landing page URL. You can also use them to redirect people to your social media pages or email newsletter sign up pages. If you are using QR codes to link to websites, you should keep in mind that people need access to the internet in order to click on web links. This means that you will need to consider whether your potential customers have reliable internet access or not. 


Bottom Line

QR codes are a growing, highly useful technology that can be used to link people to any kind of information that you want to share.

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