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The Brightest Floor Lamps to Light Up Your Space

The floor lamp is one of the oldest forms of light fixtures in the world and has been used by humans for thousands of years, providing light without having to use candles or other sources of lighting. The floor lamp’s size and flexibility, however, can make it hard to choose just one as many options are available to buyers today, with each model boasting its own features that can make it stand out in comparison to others on the market. To help you find the right floor lamp to light up your space, here are three of the brightest options on the market today.

Features to look for in a floor lamp

Illuminating your space is all about choosing which spotlight floor lamp will work best with your decor and needs. But, it’s also important to think about features that you want so that you’re sure you’re getting a lamp that will function as intended. Some common features include: Lights with multiple brightness settings are versatile in how they can be used; dimming lights can set a relaxing tone in any room. And, when it comes to functionality, many people look for table lamps that have an on/off switch or remote control. This offers more flexibility when it comes to switching on lighting at different times of day or night—for example, automatically turning lights off at night or early in the morning.

Tips for finding the perfect floor lamp

A spotlight golv lamp directs a bright beam of light downward, so if you’re looking for additional task lighting, look for one that has a bright and shine-y spot. A free-standing trolley floor lamp puts your source of light on wheels, meaning it can be positioned anywhere you need it in a room.


This frees up space near other furniture and prevents people from tripping over an unanchored fixture when they walk into a room. You can also look for flexibility in terms of power sources: Many modern lamps now feature USB outlets as well as traditional electric plugs or even motion sensors to automatically turn on or off depending on when people are nearby.

How to choose your color

The color you choose for your floor lamp will be a key factor in determining how well it fits into your home. You’ll want a color that complements—but doesn’t clash with—the other lamps in your room. An easy way to do that is by picking one or two colors from your existing lamps and repeating those colors with new lighting options. For example, if you have both blue and orange lamps in your living room, try pairing up a burnt orange lamp with a slate-blue lamp for an exciting look that’s unique but still cohesive within your home. Or if you have one neutral-colored lamp, consider adding a pop of color by selecting something bright like yellow or green for another option.

Helpful resources about floor lamps

The bright LED spotlights that cast a spotlight on a floor lamp can come in handy when illuminating certain tasks. Choose from three types of lamps: torchiere, accent, and trolley. Spotlights are generally tall with a weighted base designed to sit on a hard surface. Torchiere lamps have an additional pole or arm extending from their center for aiming light at specific objects or areas within your home office or living space. Accent lamps are small and stand less than 18 inches high; these lamps often feature one-touch dimming for reading in bed or other low-light scenarios.

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