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The Difference Between a Curtain Rod and a Shower Curtain Rod

If you’re planning to purchase a curtain rod to hang up your new shower curtain, you might be wondering about the difference between shower curtain rods and curtain rods in general. Since these two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, it’s important to know that they are actually distinct from one another. Curtain rods are primarily used to hold lightweight curtains, while shower curtain rods are designed specifically to hold up heavy-duty shower curtains. Today we’ll take a look at the key differences between these two types of curtain rods so you can make sure you choose the right one for your project.

What does a curtain rod do?

A curtain rod holds your curtain panels in place. It is typically made of either metal or wood, but other materials may also be used depending on your tastes or needs. A shower curtain rod, by contrast, is designed to support a shower curtain (usually plastic) in a bathtub or shower stall. Some showers even come with duschdraperistång vinkel curtains as part of their décor package, though most require you to buy them separately and hang them yourself. If you’re looking to install a new shower curtain in your bathroom but aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry!

What does a shower curtain rod do?

What does a shower curtain rod do?

Some people think that there’s no real difference between a curtain rod and a drapery rod, but if you’re starting from scratch then you might want to know that they aren’t interchangeable. A curtain rod is designed to support light weights, while what we call an exterior curtain pole or accent bar should be used for heavier draperies.

How to know which you need

For example, shower sets are designed to hold heavy curtains in place on an angled shower wall. Therefore, you should use curtain rods for more lightweight curtains. Typically, lighter-weight curtains such as sheers need at least one solid rod to keep them from falling off. If your shower set includes two rods or hooks, duschdraperistång badkar sure that it is long enough to stretch across your entire shower if necessary (the curtain will be weighed down by water spray). Your shower’s design could also influence which type of rod you need.

Where can you get your hands on both?

Where can you get your hands on both?

While shower curtain rods and drapery rods are similar in their overall purpose, they are actually quite different in their construction. As you may imagine, shower curtain rods will not be designed to hold as much weight as a drapery rod. Therefore, you can use either one to create your perfect custom window covering, but if you want something especially heavy-duty or especially lightweight then you need to match up your chosen rod with that exact weight requirement.

No worries – there’s no complex equation here! Simply check out our wide selection of curtain rods (we have both a 90-degree shower curtain rod angle section for those looking for some new curtains or drapes or just about any size) and make sure that’s what you’re purchasing when it comes time to decide.

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