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The Different Ways You Can Use Spotlights in Your Home

Spotlights are popular lighting fixtures in many homes, mostly because they make it easy to highlight specific objects in a room, and they’re able to illuminate areas that might be too dark when recessed downlights or other ceiling lights are used. But as with most lighting choices, you have several spotlight options to consider before making your final decision. You can choose between surface-mounted spotlights or recessed spotlights, fixed or adjustable spotlights, and more depending on your needs and desires. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can use spotlights in your home.

Wall Mounted

There are many different ways you can use a wall-mounted spotlight in your home. Wall-mounted spotlights offer a handy way to highlight certain pieces of art, collectibles or architecture by shining light on them at a specific angle. They also serve as an ideal alternative to ceiling downlights when you want more control over how much light is disperse and where it falls. The main downside is that they’re not generally adjustable, meaning you need to make sure you get them positioned correctly. Using switches and dimmers allows you some flexibility with wall mounted spotlights, making it easy for example, to turn off all lights in a room except for those specifically highlighting certain objects or areas.

Ceiling Mounted


If you prefer to have your lights up high, a ceiling skyddskåpa spotlight is a great option. This type of spotlight will be more aesthetically pleasing as it allows for more room below and can also add charm to a kitchen space by mimicking an old style torch. When properly lit, ceiling mounted spotlights can also serve as ambient lighting in your home. Add some tone to darker corners with softer light from above. Ceiling mounted spotlights are available either flush mount or semi-flush which means they protrude slightly from above but not enough to block headroom or feel obtrusive. In kitchens, it’s best to add ceiling lighting that’s dimmable and compatible with standard lamp bulbs for convenience sake and optimal energy efficiency.

Hanging from Ceiling

This is most commonly use for commercial applications, however you can find smaller floor standing lights that are great for highlighting artwork or other pieces in your home. Floor standing lights take up more space than their recessed counterparts, so be aware of that when deciding where to place it. Because they’re not recesse into a ceiling, you also have to make sure your ceiling structure is strong enough to hold them. Or use some extra support!

Floor Standing

One of the most popular types of spotlights for homes is floor standing. Their large size allows them to illuminate a larger area than smaller pendants, and can be use to create a strong focal point. Since they are more visible from across a room, they tend to be more decorative as well, with different materials used for wall or ceiling mounting. Many designers have turned to using floor-standing spotlights in kitchens and dining rooms as an eye-catching way to highlight artwork or special pieces of furniture without intruding on traffic flow. They also look striking when coupled with recessed lighting fixtures below them; just make sure you get fixtures that will complement one another’s style.

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