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The Duties And Responsibilities Of Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards may be the most underrated and underutilized members of any workplace. Yet unarmed security guard company provide an essential service to their employers and employees alike. Find out what the duties are of these guards in this article.

Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards have a variety of duties and responsibilities, which vary depending on the type of security guard service they are employed in. Generally, unarmed security guards are responsible for maintaining their clients’ or customers’ safety and well-being while on the property they are assigned to protect. They may also provide crowd control, monitor entries and exits, perform vehicle inspections, and respond to emergency situations.

Typical Duties of unarmed security guards

It maintained visual surveillance of the area around the property they were guarding. This includes looking for any suspicious activity or people that may threaten their clients’ or customers’ safety and well-being.

  • Crowd control by keeping people from congregating near sensitive areas or obstructing access to exits.
  • Monitoring entry and exit points ensure no unauthorized individuals enter or exit the property.
  • Performing vehicle inspections to ensure that all vehicles entering or leaving the property are correctly registered and insured.
  • They respond quickly to any emergencies that may occur on the property they’re guarding. This may include evacuating individuals in danger, helping with first responders, and securing the scene until authorities arrive. 
  • Unarmed security guards are typically required to have a valid state driver’s license, which allows them to drive the property they are guarding. It may also be necessary to have valid firearms permit, depending on the state in which they are employed.

What Qualifications Should An Unarmed Security Guard Have?

An unarmed security guard should have a high school diploma or equivalent, be able to pass a criminal background check, and have no past felony convictions. They should also be able to pass a physical fitness test and provide proof of insurance.

The Job of an Unarmed Security Guard

Security guards are responsible for protecting people and property or businesses from harm. They typically wear uniforms and carry firearms, but in some cases, they may only carry batons or Tasers.

An unarmed security guard’s job is to monitor the area around a building and make sure no unauthorized person enters. They may also be responsible for checking the identification badges of visitors, recording security footage, and monitoring alarms. Security guards are often on duty around the clock, so they must be alert and observant to keep everyone safe.

Types of Work and Responsibilities of an Armed Security Guard

Armed security guards are responsible for the safety of their clients and employees. They typically patrol areas where people are likely to be, such as corporate campuses or shopping malls.

Typically, armed security guards wear uniforms and carry firearms. Their duties may include monitoring entry points, patrolling areas, and providing security screenings. They may also perform other tasks, such as handling logistics or customer service.

Armed security guards must be licensed in their state or territory. In some cases, they must also pass a physical examination. Many employers require candidates to have at least two years of experience working in a related field before applying for an armed security guard position.


As the industry continues to grow and evolve, so does unarmed security guards’ role. Armed security guards are a valuable asset to any business, but it is essential to remember that other responsibilities and duties are also associated with this profession. Unarmed security guards must be aware of their surroundings, interact positively and civilly with customers and employees, and possess excellent communication skills to maintain order. The truth is that unarmed security guards have a lot on their plate – but if they’re up for the challenge, they can make an incredible difference in the safety and well-being of those around them. So choose security guards for hire according to your need.

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