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Real Estate

The emergence of Commercial Properties in Noida

An Overview:

The growth of the Indian economy over the past few decades has not only elevated India to the status of an emerging market but has also sparked an expansion in several other industries. One of these industries with a promising future in the country is commercial real estate. Even though growth is evident across the entire nation, Noida offers fantastic growth and investment opportunities for those looking to profit from the expanding Indian economy. Noida is widely regarded as the most accessible and development-focused real estate hub in the whole Delhi-NCR region.

Factors to invest in Commercial properties in Noida

The potential buyer or investors should thoroughly research the factors that are important for commercial property, just like they should with any other type of investment. Noida offers some of the most valuable and promising opportunities in the nation if you’re one of those seeking to take advantage of the nation’s expanding real estate market. People from all social classes love going there because of how close it is to the national capital. Numerous important factors motivate investors to place their money here. Before making any decisions about buying commercial real estate, prospective buyers should take the following into account:

1. Growing Infrastructure:

Infrastructure construction in the area has accelerated recently. Numerous projects, including the well-known Yamuna Expressway, the Magenta Metro Line, the expansion of NH-24, and the quick growth of the Noida Extension, are known to significantly boost the area’s rapid growth. Noida, formerly the most underrated region of the NCR, is now a hotspot for investors looking for commercial real estate.

2. Easy availability of manpower:

India has historically been recognized for its inexpensive labour. Numerous textile factories in Noida are well-known for relying heavily on untrained labour. Investors are drawn to the area because it has easy access to both skilled and non-skilled human resources. The area has quickly become the most sought-after location for buyers seeking to invest in the real estate market that is focused on growth.

3. Affordable Prices:

Investors constantly seek to maximize their returns because everything revolves around this factor. Fortunately, Noida offers affordability, which is the best of this. When compared to nearby cities like Gurugram and Faridabad, Noida is known for its commercial real estate that is easily affordable. There are always options for everyone, including high-end and low-cost commercial spaces.

4. Prime Locality:

Noida’s favorable location is one of the main factors influencing people’s willingness to invest there. Great connections exist between Noida and Delhi. Only a short drive away are prominent Delhi neighborhoods like Connaught Place, Nehru Place, Chandni Chowk, and Laxmi Nagar. The Noida-Greater Noida Expressway’s lack of traffic congestion has made getting to and from the areas on the expressway and Greater Noida easier. Additionally, travelers can easily access this location via the metro from any location in Delhi, Vaishali, and Anand Vihar.

Additionally, the Bhutani Infra Group in Noida has consistently kept up with the latest trends with its designs and has given customers in the Delhi NCR the most cutting-edge commercial and retail spaces. For the past 20 years, it has continuously undergone an evolution. Several of its opulent commercial projects include;

  • Bhutani Cyberthum

One of the recently unveiled commercial developments in Noida is this project. The Bhutani Cyberthum-Noida Expressway is the tallest commercial building in North India. It has one of the country’s biggest musical fountains, a helipad, and plenty of parking space.

Bhutani Cyberthum, also known as the mall in the sky, is one of the most sought-after commercial properties in Delhi, NCR, due to its location. The office towers are arranged as vertical campuses to provide distinct areas for various work modes. Advanced safety and surveillance, district cooling, utility tunnel, cutting-edge water management, automated waste management, fire station, emergency response center, 99.99% energy generated, and hydraulic parking are just a few of the top facilities in the commercial space.

Because of its integrity, approachability, and dedication to quality, the Bhutani brand is trusted by consumers. The extravagant property’s launch date is December 2018, and possession will begin in December 2022. To learn more, potential customers can visit their website.

  • Bhutani Grandthum

Bhutani Infra’s most recent project is Bhutani Grandthum (Noida Extension-Greater Noida West), a magnificent commercial development built by the Bhutani Group. The concept of “Water and Yacht” is also very similar to the client’s current brand image. With attention to both business and retail needs, it aims to provide affluent professionals with a contemporary, luxurious, and exclusive space.

It is located in the heart of Greater Noida West’s business district. The Bhutani Grandthum complex includes two linked, tall office towers, twin-story retail space, and two sets of underground parking.

offering first-rate offices The project will provide brilliant office space locations for prestigious businesses seeking space in Greater Noida West. Due to the large amount of residential construction in Noida Extension, there is a high demand for office and retail space in the project.

  • Bhutani City Center 150 

Bhutani Infra is building Bhutani City Center Sector 150 Noida, one of the biggest commercial developments in the area. It is a fantastic investment opportunity and a brand-new home that is currently being constructed and will be in possession by December 2023. With its spotless location, cutting-edge architecture, sizable walking areas, premium lifts, and escalators, and ultra-luxury services. ‘Alfresco style’ high street retail with low-rise development, a frontage of 500 feet, increasing visibility, and a central and accessible location are just a few of the many amenities offered by this ideal commercial real estate project, which is a significant chapter for retail businesses. Visit their official website, to get additional information and the Bhutani City center 150 price list.


If investors know how to plan the best course of action, commercial properties can turn into excellent investments. Before creating an investment plan, there are many factors to take into account, and starting by paying attention to the aforementioned aspects would be wise. It is essential to exercise patience and caution throughout the entire process because commercial properties are typically preferred for long-term investment.

As Noida meets all the requirements for property investment to thrive, it is quickly becoming a hub for all commercial operations in Delhi, NCR. It has everything one could need on a silver platter. It has advanced to the top of the list for buyers and investors due to the impressive selection of properties available here. Real estate investors always choose Bhutani Infra’s designed commercial spaces like Bhutani Grandthum, Bhutani Cyberthum, and Bhutani City Center 150 because they offer a very high Rate Of Interest along with additional benefits.

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