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The Many Benefits of Adding a Pool Heater

It’s no surprise that swimming is one of the most popular activities around the world. Whether you are looking to cool off in the summer or keep active throughout the winter, swimming has plenty of benefits to go along with it. Unfortunately, these benefits may be limited if you don’t have access to an indoor or outdoor pool year-round, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy a pool at any time of the year. One way is to keep your pool warm throughout the colder months by adding a pool heater.

Choosing a Swimming Pool Heater

Choosing a Swimming Pool Heater

Swimming pool heaters are one of the most important pool accessories you will need, and when it comes to selecting which heater is best for your needs, there are many different options. There are three main types: gas, solar and electric. When you start shopping for poolvärme, it’s important to consider the initial cost, operating costs, and lifespan before making your decision. All three types have their own benefits and drawbacks. Gas heaters can be somewhat expensive but they provide consistent heating throughout the entire day. Electric heaters on the other hand may be less expensive in the long term but they don’t provide consistent heating unless they are plugged into an outlet that is close enough to the pool.

Different Types of Heat Pumps

Pool heat pumps are an effective way to raise the temperature of your pool. There are three types of pool heat pumps: air-cooled, liquid-cooled, and gas-fired. The type you choose will depend on your needs.
Air-cooled: Air-cooled heaters use outside air and are installed on the roof or near the pool. They require a less expensive installation but can be more expensive to operate than other types.
Liquid-cooled: Liquid-cooled heaters use water from the pool to cool off the unit before pumping it back into the pool. These are typically located near or under your swimming pool pump, but they can be located anywhere you want as long as there is access to water and electricity.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps work by extracting heat from the air and putting it in the water. This system is extremely efficient and works almost as well as natural gas. The only downside to this method is the higher upfront cost to buy a heat pump. A cheap pool heater that functions on these principles would cost you around $3000-5000. However, with newer technology, this price can come down considerably depending on what type of heating coils you want for your pump, for example, copper will be cheaper than stainless steel coils. Heat pumps take advantage of something known as latent heat. Heat pumps are not limited by water temperature because they extract energy from the air, unlike solar heating systems which can’t work until after dark because they depend on collecting sunlight in order to create electricity with panels.

Types of Swimming Pool Heaters

Types of Swimming Pool Heaters

Heated pools can be extremely beneficial in many different ways. You also do not trädäck runt pool to worry about your children falling asleep in the pool due to getting chilly, as most heaters will keep them nice and warm until they are ready to go inside.

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