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The most common interview questions for Canada Visa

You may have to appear for an interview when you apply for Canada PR from India. However, you have to first confirm if you will have to appear for an interview. Processing an application for Canada Visa can require an in-person interview but it depends on the immigration pathway that you have chosen.
An interview will not be required if you are applying for Canada PR Visa through Express Entry. Once you create a profile here, you will be offered points according to the Canada PR points calculator. If you secure a higher ranking then you will receive the invitation to apply for PR Visa. The instructions for the subsequent steps will also be included in it.
The applications for Family Class Sponsorship often require a personal interview for proving the authenticity of the relationship. Nevertheless, skilled workers may also be required to appear for an interview. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada can ask for extra information pertaining to work before taking a decision.

Preparing for Canada immigration interview

Exceptional groundwork is require to prepare for a Canada Visa interview. It is advisable to be ready for some likely tough questions during the interview. Your responses to these difficult queries will decide if your Visa application is accept or reject.
You must respond to these questions in a way that demonstrates the accuracy and authenticity of the information you have already provided. The following aspects must be keep in mind while preparing for an immigration interview:
· Keep ready and carry all the documents that were specified to bring for the interview. Confirm the location in advance so that you can arrive on time or earlier. Last-minute rush must be avoid as it creates chaos affecting your interview performance.
· Carefully hear the asked questions and request a repetition of the questions if you do not understand any. You must speak confidently and clearly while replying to the questions in the interview.
· Dress formally and appropriately for the interview. Making a good first impression is very important.
· Identify common interview queries and their best replies and ensure that you are clear and honest always
You may be bann from arriving in Canada if you provide false documents or inaccurate information. Applicants can be deem inadmissible to Canada if they offer incorrect information knowingly or by error. You must thus ensure to offer only accurate information. The responses to the queries must correspond to the information you have provide in your application.

Common interview questions for Canada immigration

Interviews for immigration applications are chiefly hold for verifying the details that you have offer in your application. The objective is also to assess your knowledge and awareness about Canada.
Passing the interview is important for your successful application but you must also remain calm prior to and while the interview is being hold. You must avoid getting stress as it may influence your performance during the actual interview. The process of the interview will be complete fast if you are well prepare and all documents are complete.
Now, these are some general interview questions for immigration to Canada so that you can get ready and be convince for the real interview:
· Why do you desire to immigrate to Canada?
· Have you gained support from anyone to prepare your Visa application?
· What as per you is the chief challenge for immigration to Canada?
· What is your outlook on religion?
· What are your choices if you are not capable to get employment after moving to Canada?
· How do you use your free time?
· Besides your existing name, have you at any instance utilized any new name?
· Tell us regarding any journey overseas that you have taken previously?
· Can you tell regarding yourself?
· Have you obtained treatment for any acute physical or psychological disease or some chronic disease?
· Why do you desire to depart from your home nation?
· Why have you selected to move to (exact metropolitan in Canada)?
· How capable are you in your language proficiency in French or English (Writing, Reading, and Speaking)?
· Can you inform us about your earnings source/s?
· Do you have any monetary burden /debt?
· What do you desire to do in Canada and what is your endeavor there?
· What if in case your request for Visa is reject?
· Can you let us know how your usual work day looks?
· Are you wed and do you possess offspring/s?
· How many Canadian regions/territories can you name?
Nationwide Visas offers you immigration counsel and assistance from ICCRC-accredited Immigration Experts. The guidance from our experts will ensure removing any faults and inconsistencies in your Visa application. Contact us today to book your immigration consultation for your PR Visa process.

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