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The Trending Custom Rigid Bottle Boxes for This Season

Custom Packaging Experts offers its customers the most fantastic printing and packaging solutions. Custom Printed Rigid Boxes provide assurance of your product’s security and safety.

Glass bottles require specific handling when being moved from one location to another. Any small damage may cause the glass to crack, which will cause the drink to sleep outside. No beverage company wants their expensive drinks to be squandered due to broken bottles. The best answer to this problem is bottle boxes.

Why Personalised Bottle Packaging

Marketers are using custom rigid bottle boxes to increase sales. Bottles are typically offered in this packaging as a result of the rise in internet purchasing. Your bottles are protected during transit by custom bottle carrier boxes Nowadays, shipment boxes for cans and bottles are popular because consumers prefer their juices or wine in glass bottles. But delivery to a secure location becomes important, and this is when these boxes come into play.

Additionally, a personalised bottle box’s attractiveness will enthral the buyer, who prefers this packaging while giving the bottles to their close friends and family.

Low prices for bulk orders

Bulk orders for bottle box packing typically have lower prices than smaller or more infrequent orders. The price per box reduces as the number of boxes rises in order. On orders of wholesale rigid boxes, most n comparison to the market, their pricing is the lowest.

Bottle boxes are made of the following materials.

For the creation of bottle boxes, a wide variety of materials are utilised. Popular US companies currently provide four more materials: rigid, corrugated, kraft, and corrugated. Corrugated Bottles Boxes are used by custom-printed rigid bottle box production businesses because they have an enhanced security layer and a buffering effect against external forces. Expensive bottles are packed in custom rigid bottle boxes to display their wealth, luxury, and beauty.


Both recyclable and degradable, kraft bottle boxes. Although cardboard is the least expensive option, it lacks the durability needed to support numerous bottles, therefore it is primarily used for one-box packing.

Different Bottle Box Designs

Bottle boxes come in a variety of designs on the market. You have the option of using a pre-made personalised bottle box or adding extras. The bottle box with holes is the most popular kind. To fit several bottles within, it includes various inserts. Market trends also favour designs with handles. Window-cut bottle boxes act as cardboard sleeves on store shelves and increase sales.

A great method to improve the appearance of any advertising, commercial, or promotional material is using printed rigid bottle boxes. These containers can be used for a wide range of goods, including printed beer bottle containers, wine bottle containers, wine cellaring containers, baby bottle containers, and numerous other uses.

Choosing Shapes And Colours

You have the option of printing your sturdy bottle boxes in colour instead of just black and white. On a stiff material model, several bottle box manufacturers provide colour printing. This is a fantastic option for companies looking to give their packaging a certain flair or theme.

To further personalise or modify your goods, you can add distinctive writing to the sides, bottom, edges, and even the upper back of the boxes. You can easily improve the aesthetics and usability of the product by selecting a printing company that provides a range of alternatives for colour printing on your packaging.
individual bottle adapters

Bottle sturdy carrier boxes are created with the single goal of satisfying all of your bottle enclosing box requirements. Most of popular US companies take care to prevent spills of your liquid products using our unique, stylish carrying boxes. specific design for the rigid packaging boxes wholesale must be provided to our talented designers.

They have a wide selection of pre-modelled designs that you can browse for custom bottle carrier boxes and takeaway boxes. In addition, if you have a unique bottle enclosing design concept that would transform the look of your elegant box, let our specialists know about your bottle packaging ideas and they will without a doubt make your custom bottle gift boxes into something extraordinary.


Fragile bottles can be shipped safely using custom rigid bottle boxes which are constructed with eco-friendly packaging materials and offer the highest level of quality. Similar to other goods, the bottle also requires careful packing. Not only is it useful for storage, but it is also necessary to enhance the product’s appearance.

Custom Printed Boxes

We provide excellent quality personalized packages with 4-color digital and unique printing services. Plus printers provide a 3D digital illustration of the box to help you get an idea of the final product.

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