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Buy and Sell

Things to Do in Charleston When You’re Broke

You and your family must be more than happy that the move is all done. The old house is sold and you are spending your first nights in Charleston. It’ll take more than a few days to get every box unpacked but there’s no rush now that you are in your new home. That new place was found among all the wonderful Charleston houses for sale and that’s what matters. 

All the money that goes into a new home might have you wondering what there is to do in the area without having to spend anymore money. If you are asking yourself that very question, you’ll find nothing but good news. 

Especially if you and your family are new to the area, and haven’t seen the sights already, there’s plenty of free things to do. Looking for a little guidance? Here’s a few of the best, and free, must-sees around town. 

Charleston City Market

Just because there are things to buy there, doesn’t mean anyone is going to mind if you aren’t ready for any more big purchases. The number one reason going to the Charleston City Market is such a great idea is because you’ll be able to quickly catch up to the local culture of the city.

There’s going to be hundreds of options for gifts and souvenirs that you’ll probably eventually want to buy but there’s never a rush to purchase anything. Plenty of food options are at the market, such as the City Market Grocery, making it also the perfect place to have a bite to eat. 

Enjoy An Artwalk

These are held multiple times per year, so with a little luck, it shouldn’t be too long until the next one is happening. Presented by the Charleston Gallery Association, art walks allow for another free of charge way to examine and explore what it means to live in a city like it Charleston. 

They are typically held during the evening on the first Friday of the month. There is even a map on the website with the sole purpose of helping you plan your art route. Not only is that a great way to spend friday, but having that map is also a perfect way to learn your way the around town. 

Soak Up The Nature

There’s a lifetime’s worth of wonderful nature to soak up in greater Charleston. To make the most of all there is to offer, why not start as soon as you can? This is perfect for when you aren’t looking to spend too much money anyways. Right in town there’s the Waterfront Park which any local would be sure to recommend. 

There is also the amazing site that is Angel Oak. For the unaware and is a 1,500 year old tree and is assumed to be the oldest living structure this side of the Mississippi. And who could forget about the wonderful beaches nearby? From Folly Beach to Sullivan’s island, there’s absolutely going to be one in that fits your the family perfectly. 

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