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Tips to Shop the Best Whirlpool RO+UV Water Filter for Your Home

Clean drinking water is one of the primary requisites for survival, more so if you have a family. Their age notwithstanding, the health aspect of every family member is an outcome of the quality of drinking water. 

This is where the importance of a water purifier comes in, as it ensures good health by purging the water of all the harmful contaminants. Investing in a Aquaguard water purifier also implies not having to put up with unwanted odours and unsightly marks on utensils. 

Assuming that you have decided to buy a water purifier online on EMI, the next step entails logging into one of the reputed online shopping websites like Bajaj Mall. Not only would you find a variety of brands, but also a number of different types to choose from. To this effect, the Whirlpool RO+UV water filter emerges as a good option for a home with multiple family members. Some useful tips that you must bear in mind while reviewing the various models include – 

1. Capacity of the storage tank 

Apart from the daily consumption of family members, you also need to take into account power cuts and seasons. For example, during summer season people consume more water, and power cuts are also frequent. Therefore, the capacity of the Aquaguard water purifier should be sufficient to last throughout the day for everyone. A useful tip in this regard entails choosing a model with a large capacity so that you don’t run out of clean water despite a long outage or too many people at home. 

2. Electricity consumption

Given that you have decided on a RO+UV water purifier, be prepared that it would operate on electricity. While this implies that the machine will filter out even the microscopic pathogens, it would also consume electricity. Another implication is that the appliance is totally dependent on power supply and not function at all if there is no current. So, when you make this purchase, brace yourself for a higher electricity bill, and also arrange for a back-up source of power. 

3. Hot/Cold water facility

If you frequently switch between hot/cold water, then look for a water purifier on EMI that offers this facility. Since this feature is not very common, you can check on Bajaj Mall, which not only offers a large variety, but also the option of paying in instalments. 

4. Installation and maintenance 

Because the Aquaguard water purifier would need to be installed by an authorized technician, inquire about the charges involved. Choose a model that can be installed easily in the designated space or on the wall. Considering that you are likely to use the appliance multiple times during the day, it should be installed at a convenient location that can be easily accessed by all, including kids. 

5. Availability of replacements 

One of the most practical tips in context of the Aquaguard water purifier pertains to the availability of its parts. Your appliance is as good as its filter, which means this part needs to be replaced at regular intervals. Ease of availability ensures that you can get it replaced without facing any delays or difficulties. Preferably you can also buy a replacement beforehand, so as to avoid last-minute running around. 

Final thoughts

Usually experts recommend an RO+UV water purifier for urban areas owing to the source of water being varied. Owing to the fact that you may not always be aware of the source or the hardness of the water, opting for both RO and UV technologies is a safe bet. Courtesy of being subjected to the multiple layers of filtration, the output which your Whirlpool water purifier provides will be free from all types of impurities. 

Opt for buying a water purifier on EMI scheme to avoid making a down payment. Use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to avail of this scheme and distribute the amount over several months. 

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