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Top 5 Formatting Errors and How You Can Avoid Them Using Dissertation Formatting Services

Many students ask us why people choose dissertation formatting services when so many free tools are available online to help with the structure. Our answer is simple—individuals often suffer from cognitive bias when it comes to their own work, often over or underestimating how well they do. In the former case, they may end up making mistakes assuming they’re doing everything right. In the latter, they may be so afraid to make a mistake that their dissertation falls victim to many!

We can agree both approaches lead to bad results impacting your academic performance. However, at our buy cheap dissertation online agency, we house experts who have held teaching positions. And they let us know the most common formatting issues they faced when they were assessing their students’ papers. Therefore, we compiled a list so you can avoid them.

So, let’s get right into it!

1.      Spacing Inconsistencies

Your institute will provide you with detailed guidelines for the formatting, and this includes instructions for spacing. However, students may make mistakes in the following areas:

  • Spacing before and after equations (if applicable)
  • Spacing before or after tables and figures (if applicable)
  • Spacing between the end of a paragraph and a new heading
  • Spacing of chapter and reference headings

These spacing inconsistencies can be detrimental to your grades. So, if you have these in your document or are unsure whether they are present in your file, it’s better to get your file reviewed by a professional.

How Can Dissertation Formatting Services Help?

Academic help experts work on papers every day. Hence, they can pinpoint formatting issues and correct them much more quickly. So, if your document hasn’t met the spacing guidelines yet and you want someone to follow them throughout the document, hand your draft over to the professionals. They will correct all the issues and make sure your document is free of any errors in this area. This way, your research will have a better chance of getting published quicker because you won’t be wasting time on multiple rounds of revisions.

2.      MS Word Issues

It is widely accepted that your MS Word will make things worse for you when you can’t afford to. But, as Tumblr user @laurelhach so aptly puts it:

The story of every research student

The basic content should be fine when you’re drafting your dissertation on MS Word. But when you sit down to format it and add images, tables, and charts, this is when things start to go wrong. To your dismay, you may find that any small change leads to complete chaos in your file. And fixing all these issues one by one is incredibly time-consuming, especially if you have to look up the troubleshooting solutions for each.

How Can Dissertation Formatting Services Help?

The professionals at Online Dissertation Help are dab hands at MS Word. They have the expertise required to deal with all the fickleness that comes with the platform. So, no matter what issues you get within your document in terms of formatting, they can smooth it out and deliver a perfectly clean doc file to you.

3.      Black Box Issues

Black box issues sometimes arise when you use the multi-level list feature on MS Word. You may notice that some text just blacks out for seemingly no reason at all.

The following shows an example of such an issue:

It can be frustrating if this happens to you. You have worked so hard on your document only to be met with this weird formatting problem that doesn’t make any logical sense. Thankfully, there are cheap solutions at hand, such as dissertation formatting services.

How Can Dissertation Formatting Services Help?

The professionals at these academic agencies have multiple years of experience working on and solving these issues. So, while it might be infuriating for you, it will be like any other Tuesday for them. They will quickly resolve the issue and make your draft look proper and professional again.

4.      Figures and Tables

Our experts have found out that students make the most formatting mistakes when it comes to figures and tables. This is because the guidelines for those two are tricker to follow. Consequently, they often result in alignment issues, among others.

Moreover, every university has strict instructions about various cases, such as:

  • Labeling a table if it exceeds one (or multiple) pages
  • Numbering the tables and charts
  • Placing the horizontal and supplemental tables

Tracking all of this can get very confusing at times. And the only way out is to get external support.

How Can Dissertation Formatting Services Help?

Our dissertation formatting professionals are experts at placing figures and tables as per university guidelines. They have ample experience with the task and can do this pretty easily.

5.      Abstract Formatting

There are strict guidelines about formatting and placing an abstract in your dissertation. You must follow the rules down to the T to ensure you don’t make any errors. However, you may miss something small but crucial along the way, such as using incorrect indentation or justification for a specific section.

While this may be a tiny mistake, it won’t be as small in your professor’s or your institution’s eyes! Furthermore, you will be required to make amendments. So, why risk it?

How Can Dissertation Formatting Services Help?

With a formatting help expert by your side, you will be able to get through your abstract-finalizing process easily. It will be smooth sailing for you. Moreover, if you want the company to help you with the content part as well, all you need is to request their dissertation abstract help UK!

Last Word

Whether you’re working on a single chapter of your dissertation or the entire document, you need professional assistance with formatting. Online Dissertation Help offers that and more. You can also request our experts to help you with the writing and editing areas. So, you can hire us for your complete paper or choose an ad hoc package like formatting or our dissertation abstract writing services.

We understand it’s frustrating to follow the rigid guidelines for dissertation formatting. And this is why we’re here. You can reach out to our experts today and get the formatting service you need right away!

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