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App Development

Top Reasons To Use .Net Framework For App Development

Microsoft .Net is one of the best platforms for building robust, secure web and mobile applications. According to Statista, the .net is the most preferred framework with a market share of 34.5%. Launched in 2002 by Microsoft, .net is an open-source framework used by full-stack dot net developers for creating dynamic, highly secure, and robust web applications. 

The framework supports more than 60 programming languages, including those developed by Microsoft like C++, C#, TypeScript, IronRuby, etc. Furthermore, it offers FCL (Framework Class Library) and CLR (Common Language Runtime) that take care of security, memory management, database connectivity, network connections, and handling.

In a nutshell, .net is written to tackle various app development problems, like the inability to change apps quickly, high software ownership costs, etc. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top reasons to choose the dot net framework for application development. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Reasons to Choose .Net Framework

While there are hundreds of frameworks for building applications, including Laravel, Django, Ruby on Rails, etc., .Net tops the list for building scalable solutions for startups and enterprises. Here is why-

.Net Works On Object-Oriented Program

Dot Net framework is based on OOP or Object-Oriented Programming which omits all the unnecessary codes, reducing the coding time for developers. Further, there are reusable codes which result in lesser coding timing and reduced cost for application development.

Code With Different Languages

CLR (Common Language Runtime) and CLS (Common Language Specification) features allow cross-language compatibility. This means the .Net framework can interact with codes written in different languages. 

Visual Studio IDE Makes App Development Easier

Visual Studio IDE is used for debugging, creating, or publishing applications across iOS and Android platforms. It provides developers with the tools required to write or test software and makes the application software development process easy.

Multitargeting And Memory Management

Developers can use PCL (Portable Class Library) feature to build assemblies that can perform in Windows 10, Xbox 360, and other .net framework platforms. The Garbage Collector (GC) feature can manage unnecessary memory consumption. Besides, CLR handles the allocation and deallocation of the object in memory.

How Does This Make .Net Framework A Great Choice For App Development?

Offers easy application integration

Dot Net Framework provides easy integration options with Microsoft applications and simplifies the app development process with MS Office applications. Be it project collaboration or data sharing, a .Net application enables businesses to manage all their operations without any hassles.

Improves Productivity

Asynchronous programming, Generics, Language Integrated Query, etc. are critical factors that improve the software development process. Dot Net framework comes with multi-language support, APIs, and class libraries that help improve the productivity of developers. 

.Net Framework Is Platform-Independent

The .Net framework supports application development for all platforms. Another advantage is that .Net Core developers can reuse the app code, which reduces their coding time significantly. Whether it is an enterprise-grade app for Windows, Android, or iOS, .Net caters to all your requirements. Also, .Net makes an ideal choice for Cloud microservices.

Scale Robust Mobile Applications With .Net Framework

.Net Framework is a wonderful choice for mobile application development. With MMIT (Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit), developers can easily build robust, scalable mobile apps with a simple drag-and-drop interface. MMIT emulators make mobile app testing on different screen sizes easy for developers. .Net and Xamarin integration allows you to build fully-featured cross-platform mobile applications in no time. 

Active Microsoft Support

Microsoft offers an array of courses to help developers become an expert in web development. In addition, there is a complete ecosystem of services, including frameworks, cloud services, IDEs, etc. Further, .Net is backed by communities of proficient and newbie developers who constantly strive to make this framework better.

Build Scalable Apps

When it comes to scalability, .Net is the best framework for application development. It provides developers with an object interface and allows them to reuse the objects in other software. This way, developers can change the codes without affecting the others parts that don’t require any modification. 

To Sum Up

.Net framework is ruling the world of programming with its top-notch features that allow developers to build scalable and stable web applications. While it seems old now, it offers a host of features and functionalities that make it the most preferred choice of enterprises for app development.

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