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Topmost Education CRM software to manage Communication

The Education Industry is now under the CRM software for sharing the learning experience and every detail with their students. It is much simpler to attract and retain students when having the CRM system in your Education business. If properly used, there is nothing better than CRM software for taking your industry to the next level. Research says “An investment in Education pays better results”. So will you operate the CRM for your assistance? We decided to unpack some CRM statistics for 2021 with the benefits of Education CRM software.

                          “See Student as Customer for your Education Business”

What is Education CRM?

The term CRM for education helps you to manage every single communication of your students or employees under one hood. This software for education institutions helps to share the stupendous quality of education with every student. It always keeps you up-to-date about your students. And without any doubt, this software is beneficial to attract qualified leads.  

For example, Teachers have no idea which student opted for the additional course separately. When including the CRM software in their organization, teachers can now gather the data about each student. They can track their activity and gauge which student is going on the right track. Investment in the Education CRM system is always a beneficial idea. Make sure you don’t waste your time entailing other primitive tools. 

Current Statistics of CRM system for all Businesses

Businesses can stay one step ahead of their competitors when they understand the CRM system completely. Learn the 2021 CRM statistics that you don’t know. 

  • Research says CRM can increase sales by up to 29%.
  • Having good CRM helps you to boost ROI by 245%.
  • The current market size of this eminent software is $120 Billion.
  • 74% of users said that using the CRM helps them to access Customer data quickly.
  • 73% improvement in Business efficiency rate via CRM system. 
  • Improved Sales Productivity! Up to 26.4% of productivity will improve with the help of this superfine software.

Every software of CRM for your Education Institution

By the end of this article, you will be able to know which software is better to pour investment into for getting innumerable benefits. 

FreeAgent CRM software

  • Get every piece of information about your students in one place
  • It helps you to automatically log and enable you to organize your emails
  • The software is advanced enough to optimize Sales and Marketing 


  • Software is remarkable for medium and small scale industry
  • Get the functionality of Email Marketing, Sales Automation, etc
  • Gather every activity of your student more quickly

Creatio CRM

  • Another Education CRM software for providing the best facilities like knowledge management or Contact management
  • Track every call message and client case via the Creatio CRM system
  • Create a single database of contact data, service history, interaction history, and much more

Claritysoft CRM

  • Another astonishing CRM designed to provide marketing automation, best customer service, etc
  • Salespeople will be happy to use pipeline management and Calendar management functionality from here
  • Claritysoft CRM enables you to design every Email Templates

Hope the above content convinces you that CRM is imperative to see education growth. We have some hidden advantages to uncover here. What are those? 

  • Keep a record of every interaction with your students.
  • Automate the fee payment process to minimize errors.
  • Generate real-time reports of your staff to know how they are performing in class. Better software to capture the information for those who are newbies in institutions. 
  • Get useful insights through Marketing automation and make better relationships with the student. 
  • Admission-related processes can be done swiftly with this software available in your institution. 

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Outright Store should be in your priority list because they have a bunch of extensions to supercharge your CRM organization. We deal with all size businesses that are looking to scale their business worldwide. Outright Store is also renowned for providing magnificent services such as Customization, Data Migration, Integration with third-party apps, Hosting, and much more. All affordable and effective services can help your company to manage the tasks of CRM more smoothly.

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