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Traditional Dress of UAE- Kandura

Traditional clothing impacts differently whenever anyone carries it. It represents culture, tradition, history, religion, and many more. 

Emirati clothing is the symbol of the culture, religion, and history of the United States Emirates. It is designed while keeping the hot climate in mind. Traditional clothing such as Kandura protects from the blistering sun and heat. You can buy the Best Kandura Online

Traditional Clothing ‘Kandura’-

The Kandura is a long, ankle-length, full-sleeve, single robe. It covers the whole body from head to toe. Other names of Kandura are thawb, thobe, and Dishdasha. It is usually white in colour however, you can find it in various colours such as yellow, Lavender, and blue during winter. Every Gulf country has some twist on this traditional wear to give it different look. 

It is popular worldwide. The traditional dress of men ‘Kandura’ represents the wealth and status in society.

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History of Kandura-

Salem Al Mheiri is known for his love and Emirati fashion. He was passionate about the Kandura Dubai trends and make plans with his friend, and corporate collaborator-  ‘Max Girombelli’ to get the conventional looks back into fashion. They both have given a lot to the national costume and accessories of the Emirates. 

To explain how old and new the costumes are, Al Mheiri flipped between several Kandoras.

The material used for making Kanduras

During the 2000s, polyester and brown texture were there on the Kanduras however, the latter’s history is only known by a few people. The prone buttons of the ankle-length gown were also upgraded with spherical-shaped buttons. Since the date of its launch, the strict or rigid polyester material got on an endorsement. Modifiers or tailors made and sell only two Kandura cut models. The first was the classic, traditional design of Arabic that’s upright straight, and square.  After that, we got additional suiting of UAE ankle-length gowns. It is more of a Kuwaiti design. This needs to be still designed for more fit. 

Wearing styles of Kanduras-

To know where the person belongs, the biggest clue or indication is the collar and sleeves of their Kanduras. Emirati Kanduras (ankle-length gowns) do not contain chains and have a long open tassel. The tassel in the Omani Kandura is relatively smaller and extra vivid otherwise it is very identical. Even now, In Bahrain, the Kandura gets loosely and has a short shirt necklace. 

Length and colour of Kandura-

The striking elements of men’s traditional wear are its length and colour. Usually, people there opt for white or colorful outfits such as Bedouins that reflect the sun’s rays. During colder months, grey and brown shades are used. There is a limit of 50 Knanduras for the male nationals of UAE dependent on cleanliness. The outfit suits the dry and calm environment of the UAE. 

Variations in Kandura-

In Saudi Arabia, Honduras are typically tighter than in any Gulf of their vicinity. In the modern variation of the Kandura, there is the two-button collar and shirt tops.

There is no such difference in the Kuwaiti edition, just a slim-fit one-button belt necklace. 

In the Kandoras of Qatar, there is a longer band necklace or shirt pocket that appears brighter. 

Kandura is usually worn with the ‘Ghutrah’- a headdress made up of cotton. It is to protect the head and face from the harsh heat and sand of the desert. There is a  ‘shemagh’ also which is similar to the ghutrah which is decorated with white and red checks and the material used is thicker than usual.  Many younger Emirates prefer white and red headdresses. 

On any occasion, this headdress is secured with an ‘agal’ black rope. 

Wrapping it up:-

 Traditional wear is something that no one can bore of. The ‘Kandura is worn by the people of Dubai and in many other areas of UAE. In the past few years, Dubai has evolved into the world’s most fashionable city. It has been compared with the capital cities such as Paris, New York, and Milan. 

Kandura is the traditional men’s outfit of the  UAE with little variations across its all cities. If you also need a good quality  Kandura ‘Zuhd store is the best place. You can easily Buy Premium Kandura Online of your size. 

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